Life lessons: correction generates change

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Blessings for the whole family of @Steemchurch.

The discipline of the good father is a gift for the life of his children, and the correction in time generates the important changes that will produce thanks in the future.

The Word of God teaches us in Hebrew 12: 6

Because the Lord who loves discipline and whips all who receive as a son.

I am the mother of four beautiful and precious children, however, many times I have had to apply the principles established by the Word of God, to make the respective corrections in the behavior of each of them.

This truth about God's correction and discipline towards those he loves is verified by Jesus Christ himself in Revelation 3:19 when he says:

I rebuke and punish everyone I love; Be jealous and repent.

Change requires correction: people who do not know they are loved have difficulty obtaining the correction. The correction is useless if it is not received.

Through the years, interacting with my children, I discovered that the correction must be delivered with love. In other words, for my correction to be fruitful, the people I correct must know that I love them and that they are important to me.

I can spend a lot of time correcting someone, but I will waste my time if that person does not receive what I say. In the same way, when God tries to change us, he has to correct us. We will not receive His correction correctly if we do not have a revelation about His love for us. We can hear its correction, and even agree with it, but it will only make us angry and condemn if we are unable to realize that this is what we need to make a change in our lives.

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@merry01, discipline is necessary in our children because the correction in time prevents many penalties and it is biblical to correct our children by the word of God to lead them on the right path.