With God nothing is missing

2년 전


Christ sheds abundant blessings on the entire Steemit community.

There is a psalm that always fills me with hope in times of scarcity, hunger and desert. This is Psalm 23: 1, which we all know.

Jehovah is my shepherd; Nothing will be missing.

David said: "Jehovah is my shepherd." He felt completely taken care of by God and he lacked nothing good. God found him in every need.
David's own pastor is also his pastor, and mine.
God will provide you materially and spiritually. The lord as shepherd knows the needs of his sheep. God knows your needs for food, clothing, footwear, health and safety.
If a sheep gets sick, the Lord will come to heal her and give her the spiritual medicine that is her Word. Do not forget that "Jehovah is your shepherd; nothing will be lacking."

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