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The human being has always wanted to have things and even does the impossible to achieve it, because when it becomes difficult to obtain them then the debts come and the person becomes a slave to the debts that even when they want to stop them they become impossible because they arrive one after the other .

God has commanded us to live balancedly happy with what we have without needing to want to have things lightly that are not in our hands to achieve, because really if in a little we are faithful in how much God will put us.

Matthew 25:21
His lord said to him: `` Good, good and faithful servant; in the little you were faithful, I will put you over much; Enter into the joy of your lord.
(New American Standard)

This promise is real in all who live according to the biblical principles established by God. And as for the financial way of living the apostle Paul advises us:

Romans 13: 8
"Do not have outstanding debts with anyone, except to love each other. In fact, whoever loves your neighbor has fulfilled the law.
New International Version "(NIV).

This advice is practical for all people who need to live in an organized way in life and who knows that God is the one who blesses our finances and gives us all the available benefits but also must establish balanced norms in their way of life in order to reach blessings and promises of God.

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Very good reflection @mildreduh, we must really keep in mind that debts are not good we must discard them in our financial plan.