This beautiful song that Isaiah recites in these verses is a poetic style that he uses to show an example between God Israel and Juda since when he refers to "my beloved" he is talking about Jehovah and the "vineyard" to Judah and Israel.

God has always had the best plans for man and has shared his blessings with them giving daily benefits so that they may live fully, however disobedience and ingratitude has always separated them from God.

It is for this reason that Isaiah recites the performance of a vineyard that also disappoints God.

Isaiah 5: 1-7
5 I want to sing now for my beloved the song of my beloved to his vineyard:
My beloved had a vineyard on a fertile hillside. 2 He surrounded her and cleared her of stones, and then planted in her chosen vines; in the middle of the field he raised a tower, and also built a winery. He expected his vineyard to give good grapes, but he gave wild grapes.
3 And now, inhabitants of Jerusalem, men of Judah: judge between my vineyard and me. 4 What else could be done to my vineyard, which I have not done? How did he give wild grapes, when I expected him to give good grapes?
5 For I will show you what I will do with my vineyard: I will remove the fence, so that it may be consumed; I will open a gap in its wall, so that it will be trampled. 6 I will make it deserted. No one will prune or cultivate it. Thistles and thorns will grow on it, and I will order the clouds not to pour rain on it. 7 Actually, the vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel, and the men of Judah are the plant on which he is pleased. He expected justice, and there is only injustice; equity, and there is only iniquity.
(Contemporary King James Version) (RVC)

As always, God expects humanity to look for his face and do his will, but most people are disobedient and do not want to hear the voice of God.

In this sense God expects Judah and Israel who had been a chosen vines to walk their way and be an obedient people through their grace and forgiveness. God had done wonders with these peoples and had extended his grace to them in addition to having taken them out of the house of servitude.

God loved them therefore he hoped that they would testify with faith of all that He had done with them. However, this vineyard disappointed God even though God chose them as his people and gave him wonderful blessings because it clearly says that it was: "chosen vines" but they became "wild grapes".

Isaiah declares that the fruits they began to produce were bad carnal fruits and became the fruits of injustice and idolatry by trampling the grace they had received from God.

Isaiah asks a question to the neighbors of Jerusalem and the men of Juda to judge between them and the vineyard that God had given him and says: What else could be done to my vineyard, which I have not done? How did he give wild grapes, when I expected him to give good grapes?

Now my question is the following: What do you think God can do with a people that allows them to give him ordinances from Him and not pay attention to him? Or what do you think God can do with a people who has blessed once and a thousand times and even get to know his word and disobey and emit bad fruits every day?

I leave this question for your reflection so that you look at the time you are living and what your performances are in their midst.

God is just God and acts with justice and can not be mocked what man sows that same will reap.

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@ mildreduh, God is just and does justice among the people especially in his people who has received his word and have gone astray even though God has provided them with all blessings and grace.