Hextracoin - Don't Fall for This Scam

2년 전
in scam

Of course there are some serious companies too but Hextracoin looks like it's sole purpose is to make you pay for a non-existent coin.


Signs that is indeed a scam:

  1. No Whitepaper
  2. Website has just recently been registered (Seriously three weeks ago)
  3. No noteable history or mention of Hextracoin until three days ago. Nowhere.
  4. A huge number of Facebook followers (121.000) in just a couple of days! No serious company buys Facebook followers
  5. The Roadmap was developed AFTER people started complaining about it being non-existent
  6. There initial introduction on Bitcointalk is far from impressive Check it out

and much more.

Please check the video below for more on HextraCoin

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Thanks for looking out @cem

  ·  2년 전

i will support u .
yes looks ponzi scam

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Great review.
Whitepaper is out tho: https://hextracoin.co/Hextracoin_EN.pdf
But it still looks scammy to me.

Thanks for looking out.

You're wrong on this. Terribly wrong. Looks like you just wanted to get into the search engine. You know in the real world you would be sued for something like this but youre in the wild wild west of crypto where worse things happen.


Hahaha still saying the same thing now? GG Hextracoin.

This "scam" made me 10-15X on my money. Bought in around $300 and got out around $4200.