A NEW Cryptoscam.

2년 전

Hello everyone!! Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Some stupid fool pretending to be one Hugo Olesson (sp?) from sweden may ask you to 'whatsapp' him there.

Don't do it. He's a scammer.

He asked a couple of people (myself included) to sign up at www.obnob.com - oddly a non-advertised "exchange".

He holds all of the keys, you cannot make any withdrawals. Even if you think you have the crypto in your control, you don't. He will pretend to be admin and ask for credit card, ID, banking, etc info in order to "attempt to withdraw".

In reality the only thing that will be withdrawn is your own funds and not with your permission plus your id will then be compromised and possibly sold. Just stay away from that loser!!

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Thankfully his site is now down...