Scam Alert: Scammers Are Impersonating Dobartim, Thejohalfiles and other top ranking Steemians on discord. Verify who you chat with before getting committed

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I got a chat from a discord user named @dimimp a couple of months ago and since I knew @dimimp isn't on discord I was so skeptical about the chat and before I could verify the user and warn others. Some people have already fallen victims to the scam.

Few days ago my friend @uche-nna told me that he was in communication with @dobartim and @thejohalfiles. And later Michaelcj informed me of the same chat so I asked them to hold on while I run a verification on the accounts and it came out that it's the same user who used the cover @dimimp that's the one running this scam circle.
A chat with the fake @dobartim

the fake johalfiles

Modus Operandi of the scam

Discord has one loophole which is exploited at these scammers. On discord, multiple users can open account with the same username, for example there are two users by the name @godsnana, one is my friend and I don't know the other.
So here I can be chatting with the wrong user without knowing who exactly I'm chatting with. These loophole allow scammers to impersonate top ranking Steemians.

Also, discord users can Change their username at will, this allows the same scammer with the same account to chat with people under different disguise.
So, after a successful scam the user name is changed and you cannot really find the user again.
This two features allows a smooth scamming process and people tends to trust top ranking Steemians and witness even with their money/Steem.

  • First a chat will be initiated and the scammer will make you comfortable and believe he's the ring person you are chatting with.

  • Next talk about about Steem mining and running witness mode. You will be asked to transfer a certain amount of Steem to start the mining and since the he wants to keep the business private, you will have to another account claimed to be his second account.

  • If this happens, then dude you've just fallen a victim.

Which Accounts Are Mostly Impersonated.

From my findings, the following accounts are mostly impersonated: @dobartim, @thejohalfiles, @dimimp, @surfyogi.

I understand that these guys goes by different names which include other top ranking Steemians and witnesses apart from the ones I have mentioned above. Therefore to protect yourself, try to verify any account you want to chat or conduct business with on discord.

How To Verify If You Chatting With The Real Steemians.

Back when I used to give out prizes on 2go, I developed a certain method of verifying users.

  • When you are contacted by a Steemians, before you initiate any deep chat or business. Drop a short coded message with the user on discord and ask him/her to drop it as a comment on your latest post with his real Steemit account.

  • If the user is who is claimed to be, then he will used his real account to carry out the verification process. If not, then you know what to do.

Above all, learn to keep your greed for profit away from business dealings. Scammers and fraudster changed their method from time to time but one thing is constant, they are always looking out to feed on your greed.

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I have to resteem this to my friends and get to read this again when I return from church.

I remember how I was scammed by someone on Telegram because he changed his name to someone I knew and that was how I lost 20 SBD.

I am glad this was discovered on time before someone loses something worthwhile....

Thanks for sharing and saving them.


I would like to understand how this could happen on Telegram.. Any idea?
If nobody has registered the name before, even though it's a steem name I guess?


It's very easy to impersonate on telegram, In fact that's where most of the scammers lies. I've been approached more than once but I find it easy in recognizing them.

A username can also be changed on telegram. A scammer can decide to use your username and DP just to scam another fellow.

But, what people don't know is Telegram has a code for each user. This can't be changed, if you check the user profile, you will notice a code beneath the username. What I do is compare these codes with the real owner (that's if I have his/her telegram username) before proceeding to chat.


This happens in the steem exchange channel on telegram but a solution has been put in place - there is bot that monitors when a user immediately change his username to another account name - the bot gives detailed information also there's pinned messages having scam warnings(don't do dm deals, all exchange deals are done with an escrow account, scammer uses admin name).


Yes, that's true. The bot solves the scam issue to an extent. But, people are now getting wiser. They open several telegram accounts, one will be on the group they met you, it won't be changed. The other ones will be used for scamming.

I was approached yesterday too. But, those scammers can never get me. 😀


From what Jules have mentioned, I'll take a look at how this can happen on telegram and possibly how to verify users.


Sorry about that. I remember your story back then. I'm working on how to solve the telegram fraud issue too.

Great advice!
I don't use Discord except for parties!!!

Too many scams on Discord, I love TELEGRAM!
and on Telegram, nobody can talk to me, unless I INVITE THEM ;-)


that restriction can also be done on discord.

Scammers are everywhere

Thank you very much @lordjames for this timely information

This is a very needed information. Thanks for the heads up. These bad elements just wanna use all means to ripe people of their money.

we just have to take precautions to avert all this scam thing, once money is involved scam set in and this scammers are very wise because they want to exploit you .So please lets be careful and always avoid all this mouth watering offers(awoof).Thanks #lordjames


awoof dey run belle my sister


Yes, these guys are always out to feed on our greed.

Thats how someone was using @ned's name to chat on telegram. Scammers everywhere. God help us


you can imagine. even ned o


I'll take a look at how these things work on telegram.

I also use discord . Awesome thank share for this post .

Very good information, it is important to know this type of situation.

Greed exposes anyone to anything. Keep your greed in check, you will most likely escape their vices. I have to resteem this to let my people know. Thanks for sharing

na wah oo all these guy are so crazy ,wtf .

thanks for the awareness

From my findings, the following accounts are mostly impersonated: @dobartim, @thejohalfiles, @dimimp, @surfyogi.

Interesting that you came accross these accounts. I have often seen @ipromote, @trevonjb or @ngc, but also @xaero1, @slowwalker and some others.

I'd be interested in what they wanted to sell your friend via Discord. I just know about them selling upvotes or delegations, at least that's what they say, ofc it is a scam.

thank you boss @lordjames for this eye opener. This will help prevent future scams.

Awesome information.
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You've said it all in your conclusion, it's greed that would make someone fall for scammers or naivety . I almost got scammed on Facebook, and the amount wasn't huge, so I was ready to play. But then, so many things saved me. We just need to be careful. Thank you for sharing this vital information with detailed explanations.

It's quite unfortunate how scammers tend to disguise the names of influential and prominent whales on the steem blockchain. Stay safe and be careful guys, massive shoutout to @lordjames for pinpointing them out.

My brother.... They are everywhere. That was how I was scammed once on telegram... 8sbd.
They change methods and update their laziness everyday.
Last week I mounted a tricycle with Scammers on it. I was quick to depict their fraudulent activity and came down immediately. They were so lucky I wasn't bright that day, could have screamed and gotten them beaten.

Recently, I've been receiving messages from strange persons sharing about 4-7 servers with me. They spam around and give alot of enticing proposals but I barely reply them. I'm actually looking for how to block people on discord.

Great post you have here.... Everyone has to see this!

  ·  2년 전

yes it is problem