Phishing attack, Scam attempt update: @anoniam is the Phisher

2년 전

So it looks like @anoniam admits to being the Phisher and the guy who tried to scam me pretending to be Dang.

How do I know this?

Hey (real) Dang @dang007! He still has posting rights on Khoa! Please go to

and revoke those rights.

If anyone else thinks they might have been Phished, please go to
and revoke rights there. (And change your keys too of course.)

And I believe that @anoniam isn't just some throwaway Discord account. It's his real account.


He is on a ton of servers. He has mod rights on Slothicorn. He used to be in PAL until I kicked his dumb ass out.

Can we get him kicked out of these servers please?

Here he is "Fake Dang" or @anoniam as I know now chatting with me:

First he tried to get a loan from me as @anoniam claiming

I have reputation in eyes of great people like Stellabelle

And flaunting his mod rights on Slothicorn, but after chatting with Stellabelle and some others I found quickly found that his reputation wasn't so great and refused him.

So when you can't get a loan the legit way, clearly the answer is the trick the lender into giving you money, because that's what normal honest people do.

Do not trust this guy. He is a full on scammer and miscreant.


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revoke. Now i cant use busy anymore.


how did he steal your keys?


I was trying to put some code in to fix voting bot , so i send him a pic of the code, when i did copy and paste it didnt copy, the old stuff was still on the clipboard with active key and posting, so when i paste it, everything was there for him to see, but after 3 second later i saw it and delete it right away, then i go to sleep and about 12-24 hours later, i thought about it and change the active key, steemconnect didnt update the posting key when i change active key.


that's my nightmare, cutting and pasting things and accidentally pasting my key, I have had mini panic attacks thinking I may have done so.


You can add the permission back in, with your new keys.


@dang007 why you scam with our @neoxian?


@dang007 didn't scam me. Some one stole some of his keys and did it. The scammer is @anoniam


sorry @dang007. please don't mind. @neoxian thank you sir. @anoniam you are a scammer like as a dog.


what happened to your account ? Your acc on the discord is still real yours?

seems a bit hard to be that famous isn't it.
lol, that guy don't know that the bank has so many survelienece camera. LOL

Great work sir,thanks for updating this one.

Neoxian, by any chance do you lend other services? I would like to chat via Discord if possible! Thankyou so much! <3

sir be safe from this traps... you have to take serious action on this.

Well done for unravelling it! Maybe there will be more coming. Be careful. And thanks for updating us!

I resteemed your posts related to this problem to let others know it. Vietnamese community and some other friends all know @dang007 and we are so thankful to him. We are so sad to hear this news. Thank for your sharing!

When people has nothing left to do. Damn these guys hahaha.. Good thing you're smarter than him @neoxian

@neoxian sir, You are very talented man. you find this man @anoniam the scammer. you should be take action on this scammer. Thank you very much for share this issue. we are alert now this scammer & learning so many thing about scam. thanks you sir. best wishes for you from my heart.

Well as the popularity of Bank of neoxian is growing more and more attempts will be made buddy !

I do not have to say it but Stay alert buddy !

scam one after another damn thanks for sharing this update

this guy is playing too much that's wrong



what is amazing to me is that he seems to be so up front about his scam

Thanks for warning us.

Such bad people should be punished very badly.
Thanks for the update! @neoxian I wish you long life for your work.

Some evil people just come to harm the public like @anoniam! These devils should be shot dead. sir @neoxian you are doing a very good job, everyone will get the blessings! thanks

Aweful to hear this.
It looks like SteemIt is under attack. Got hacked last week, seen a lot of others get hacked too. And now this.
I’m afraid we’ll be seeing a lot of those phishing attacks in the future. There’s a lot of money going around on this platform... :0(

better people who are not clear in just remove it.

Thanks for information @neoxian sir...
I'm always hate scammers...
Thanks again..

Thank you for sharing this with us. There are many scammers out there. It pays to be cautious. @ironshield

This is out control friend need a really guru on steemit a people who can eraser all bad people here.

Thanks for letting us all know about this. I hope everyone is safe from his traps.

sir, be alert & take action on them.

Looks like another one is on prawl for the hard earned money of others, this is getting too high , every now n then some warns about this phishing, but thanks we all need to be very alert now..

that is some serious thing but that scammer is now ripped apart

oh my god! @neoxian sir they attact again to you. scamer always target to you. please be alert & take action on them.

Thanks for the information, well there are a number of people like him, informations like this can help us to be aware from people like him

You believe that @anoniam isn't just some throwaway Discord account. It's his real account & i think you are 100% right sir. he don't know he tried this scam whom one! please take action for his account. @neoxian sir thanks a lot for share us a big information.

@neoxian you are the great man. finally you find him. its very good challenging work for find this scaming man. & you won this war! very well done. you are a grnious. salute your work. Thank you so much you share with us. its very important for us. personally i learning from you.

When i see this picture i just laughing to this scamer @anoniam. he don't know he caught behind by you. @neoxian sir finally you caught this scam. thats great. happy to see this.

@anoniam is the Phisher!!!
you are grnious sir. you find it.
he use othet name to scam with you. you find it. that's great news. we are learning from you sir. thans a lot @neoxian sir. keep it up. we are always with you.

haha!really is playing with his father isnt sir@neoxian with non other he directly try you to make fool through child trick phishing but you are safed as your an experience person and people like these should be thrown out side each and every server and thanks for sharing and saving us from that guy@anoniam

I wish I could use some dirty words for this son of a b*h claiming to be who he’s not. Well I’m not suprised, in the world of great people are useless scums , in a community of good people are very bad people . Thanks to the person of @neoxian, @guiltyparties and others for fighting off scams on this wonderful platform of life investment. Kick the idiot out . Great job for unveiling this ahole

these people are responsible to corrupt crypto
they need to be dealth with harshly

OMG !!! Attack again.....I think he attack your key
Be save from #anoniam... Thanks for alert us ...@neoxian

You are being targeted my friend. But you are quite aware of these shit holes. Find and kill them all, show them why not to loot a bank

Opss!! one more :o Now we will careful about these scammers and spammer...

Where there's money involved there's stuff like this. We just have to stay vigilant and not fall for this shit

Phishers have raided this site from all indications, yesterday I got a mentions notification on When I opened the link, I found a link to one of my block posts but it was not the original steemit post.

I did not open the link and i dropped a reply asking people not to open it as well. I think people should be enlightened more about this phishing thing and warned about the dangers.

Thanks for sharing this very vital information...

How is possiblr @neoxian!!! you find this scam only one day!! are you man or superman??
i am happy for you @neoxian
Of course we do not trust this guy. Thanks to you find this killer scammer. we are alert now via this person.

Thank you so much for letting us know about this spammer @anoniam. Nowadays every one facing this issue of spamming. I'd be careful :)

@neoxian sir you find this scammer!!!
you are true legand. "Fake Dang" or @anoniam as a scameer, you don't know @neoxian is your father this platform. so be alert Fake Dang. you are out. our @neoxian sir is the champion.

another attack on the way lol

Such guys should be detected and spanked so hard on the ass that they die screaming. It becomes our responsibility to find the culprits and terminate them as there is no centralisation here on steem.

again this scammer trying to scam with you!!
he will target you. please be alert & watch out this scammer. thanks for share this information.

Well there are many alive out there ... Wanting to steal what you've earned with so much work.

Isn't @anoniam an account also used to start new steemit accounts with no verifacation? Wow! You can't scam the bank of Neoxian. Thanks for the info.


No, that's Anonsteem, service run by someguy. That's ok.

Oh thanks for clearification about the last post that who is real dan.
And for this one too. We should safe and sound from such scammers who are wandering here and there around us.

Good looking out. Don't let anyone pull one over on ya.

They are very cheap peoples, who are spamming and hacked others peoples accounts now a days. We should all of us be careful and avoid this kind of suspicious. 😕

fortunately you are alert and could not be a friend!

i also talk about phishing site sir, but a bot flag my post..
this phisher make a look-a-like steemit site and many steemians falls to this trap! Steewit and sleemit are the phishing site, but I was flag.

Why do people complain about phishing lately, someome complained he got scammed in a discord channels yesterday. And please you all shouldn't click links that doesn't know where it lead. I am getting this post resteemed.

he got scammed lol in the end thanks for sharing about it and about steem connect too

so dang put his credential into a phishing sites ???

Thanks for informing all of us.
How can they stole keys on steemit?

There is a fake steemconnect out there so be extra careful.

who will trust this kind of guy but he gone way far in scamming but thank god you found him

Warning everyone by sharing your post, I wish your security. thanks @neoxian

Thanks @neoxian for alerting us and warning us about this spammer. There should be service that prevent these types of spammers entering in steemit platform.

Wow...need to get some of these..very cool
well done

Have a nice and successful,,,,,////////////

Thanks for the share great information of scammer.

Seems there's only a few ways to attempt to grab money out of the hands of those who have nearly all of it.

a very good post, I get a little extra science .. thanks @neoxian

@neoxian Thank you for alert. I hope scammer gets penalized.

Very good friend..

how can it possible

thank you for your information @neoxian sir. i hate scammers.


a very interesting post. @neoxian

You are really smart and know pretty well how to deal with these scammers.

you got into the deep details of it thanks for sharing this

really great work. thanx for updating us in the right time. hope no one fall for his bloody cheap trap.

Thank you for alerting us about this information, we will definitely avoid @anoniam.

posting is very useful and useful @neoxian