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Don't let them win, Marty!!

Just steem on like they weren't even here.

Steem is a long game, and long game players don't forget.

Stunc can only escape its behaviors if folks are not here to clue in the newbs.

Maybe, at some point, the community makes what the rich, greedy f**cks did right.
It would be the right thing to do, imo.


Lol, still waiting on the delist,...

I recognize that the movers and shakers on prefork steem were large in the grand scheme of getting crypto launched, but I think you overestimate the value of legacy legends a couple years later.

Nobody in china or korea are gonna care that some gaijin got his funny interwebz money stolen.
Nobody will be here to tell them, except maybe me, and maybe you.

I still like the idea of letting mr sun moon the price and cashout then.

I know that is not an option for you, but hey, fly to close to the sun and your wings will melt.
I've seen it many times.

Ned's kneecappening of us is still paying dividends to the bastard.
Likely most of the dead whale and orca accounts are his.
He is just waiting to tank the price of hive and steem later.
It may be 5 years, or more, before the code comes into it's own, rather than be held down by its launchers/controllers.