Please be aware of scammers on

3년 전
in scam

Today I've got several reports about a scammer on trying to sell upvotes under my name.
As many of you know - I'm not selling any of my votes and I've never tried to profit out of my voting power and it applies to all my steem accounts. Currently all the SP I have is delegated to @curie project on not for profit basis (so there is actually nothing to sell). Also the only account I have is 'val'.

Please be aware of scammers and always make your own research before you buy or sell something in the crypto world.

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I also received same message on steemchat by someone named val-a. Relieved to know its not you

It's funny how this post is comforting to me personally. I went on to as a few questions. One of the mods was unfriendly. I don't know if the person I dealt with was a scammer or exploded from the magnitude of my story. But, I understand your grievances potential is real.

i don't know what you guys did, but someday, i will be a whale too.

vaI-a 7:48 PM
Hello friend! Do you want me to up vote your post, if your post I up vote% 100 you will get $ 100 dollars, then you will get and get a lot of money, I will up vote 1 post you have to pay 7.00 dollars for me, if you want 5 my post up vote, you must send me 20 sbd, i am birthday today then i will split the money from my up vote, i am only looking for 5 lucky ones
If you agree say yes
I just received this from you in chat.

  ·  3년 전

This is not from me - this is the scammer

i was contacted also on steemitchat had a lovely convo :)
but thats not why im commenting,

i am looking for assistance against the promotions of scam ICO's running on steemit
have contacted @steemcleaners but have yet to provide support
might you know of someone who would?

here are the 2 latest discovered by @cryptick

Think on 10 Things Before You Invest in the All in One Coin ICO!

Help me report the All In One Social Networks (AIOS) is an ICO SCAM!

Wow, all the SP delegated to Curie!! Don't you like some good old curation profits?

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Veo que tiene mucho tiempo sin pasar por Steemit que le habra pasado?

Thanks for the information, we are really in an electronic jungle where in most cases hey electronic predators looking for someone to devour, very responsible on your part to pass this statement.

Thank you so much for the info and steemit! I love steemit! Steemit to the moon! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet about steemit! Steemit is such a kind and helpful community! I am so proud and honored to be a part of! All the best! :)

Thank you so much for alerting us dear @val-a !

hi big brother, our community #nsc need 13000 steem power to help the newcomer, can you help us to lease some power, please?.

Thanks for the piece of information.

I need your help.
Plz help me

are you still active in steemit?
I miss your upvote.

Thanks for this notification@val-a I boy I don't even know how to join a steemit chat. Thanks got this reminder

Hi Val! It's been a while since you came online. Hope you're good?

Please upvote this comment @val-a
Thanks in advance

I received this out of the blue today. I responded by saying you don't even have any Steem power haha it's all delegated out. The person never responded to me. I then contacted you so that you're aware that someone is doing this.

Take care

Thank you for making steemit a safer place @ned for informing us of the scammers at large.

So the Scammers are everywhere.

Hi, im gonna be truthful to you... I'm looking for a way to get higher upvotes and I don't like the buy a vote thing... so, what can I do to get your attention or in case you don't wanna do it... can you give me some advice?

Hello @val-a ,

Do you wonder about the power of Steem? Not just it's monetary value, but as a tool to make change happen? I often think about that and the more I work on steemit, the more I see huge potential. I noticed you have a philanthropic side to you.

I have recently started a very simple project on steemit. It is called 'Upvote a tree', where I donate 100% of SBD to the cause of reforestation here in Northern Peru. I actually plant the native tree saplings myself and I post videos about it on here. I have worked in the field of international development for over 10 years and I have yet to see anything close to what steem can do for the world. The principle of just a simple upvote, no mater the value, means it is participatory and driven by a growing community. I could go on and on about my thoughts and visions, but I know you probably get loads of messages and thank you for reading this far.

Kind regards,


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the things people do sometimes .. it's a shame really

I have seen that too! It is awesome to see you're doing such caritable acts! Steem on!


why do people do that

thank you so much for the awareness and opening my eyes personally.

Hei @val-a , these days why are you not not active on steemit?

Hello my dear i hope that you're good this is a humble and special gift for you hope you accept it and like it.

Hello @val-a, thanks for the warning and info. Saludos de Mexico, @Layra

i also met a person like that..thanks for this valuble post

@val-a, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
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So, yeah. Trying to worm out scammers will be a mind field on a site such as this. Great idea to delegate your SP to @curie. I think they do a good job.

  ·  작년

Thanks for mentioning. Better be safe than sorry! When someone is trying to sell me anything, I found it pretty suspicious anyway. Even more with anything crypto related...

Hello sir @val-a .. is there way to call you..
I have something important for us..

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Thats so bad. Evrywhere are Scammers. Thats not funny.