Ian Balina Threatens Sunny Decree (My Thoughts)

5개월 전

In the United States people are sue happy so we must expose their bully ways on social media. Ian Balina's lawyer can message me on MySpace and Friendster and then he can lick 'em. LOL

It is funny how stupid scammers are in threatening social media experts. Instead of getting the 1 video that ranked high calling out their scammy ways now they will have 30 or 40 videos making the roar louder. Idiots. Their best bet was to lay low and then when the next wave comes in they would jump back in and start shilling garbage again. Their were too many scammers for us to take on this last wave. We did our best but they still caused a lot of damage. Somehow I still got monetization taken away on this video. Jeez. I firmly believe that the only reason Sunny Decree has lasted through the bear market is because he scammed so many with BitClub and BitConnect. Same goes for Ryan Hildreth, Ian Balina, Trevon James, Craig Grant, and Suppoman. They skated through on the money they made from scamming. In this situation I think Sunny did the right thing and keep the videos about Ian Balina up. Many will fall to the scammers but some of us will rise up to become insanely bitty rich just by being wicked smart!

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DRAMA is in high demand on YouTube. I laughed my ass off at the fact that Ian had a gun in his hand in Sunny's original thumbnail! LOL