Steem Skein Season!


Been noticing alot of people thinking they can do this as a JOB... This is a community that also has a little bit of investment involved. But this isn't your pathway to getting rich. This isn't supposed to replace a CAREER. Either get a JOB or own a BUSINESS. So many skeins like @hightouch and @johndoer123 just trying to join it, fake it, make it, and get tf out with their Lamborghini. Bro. There is a reason capitalism weeds people out. Don't be the person that gets weeded out. And don't do something that otherwise would cause you to be investigated by the SEC or the FTC if this was an actually regulated thing. Don't lie to people about the nature of your product like @hightouch, @drugwars did. Don't use your son as a prop to gain petty sympathy when everyone can see right through you like @johndoer123 did.

Seriously... So many scumbags here!
Someone didn't agree with him, he got downvoted, so he asked his young child for advice on the economics of Steem? It's implied that he also explained to his child what his money issues were specifically regarding this and accused the individual he is referring to as "stealing" from them. That's not how downvotes work. If I downvote somebody, I don't get what would have been their author/curation rewards. That's not how Steem works.

But back to the kid thing. I just can't get over that. LEAVE YOUR FUCKING KIDS OUT OF YOUR COMPLEX PERSONAL ISSUES!!! If you lost money on the stock market would you ask his advice and cry to him too? Seems strongly that you would @johndoer123. I am disappointed and disgusted by you.

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