Writing competition: Write about scammers, a scam you saw, or a scam you suffered. First prize 25 steem!

3년 전

Do you have a story about a scam? Have you been scammed? Are you a scammer? Have you seen a scam?

Your first tag must be "scammers"


First prize:

25 steem dollars
Runner-up prizes are possible

Can you write about a scam, a scammer, or a scam victim?

It can be any kind of scam. It could be a romance scam, a high return scam, a sex scam, a front-end-fee scam, an inheritance scam, a marriage scam, a tourist scam, or anything which involves scamming individuals by lies, trickery or deceit..

Have been scammed as a tourist? Tell us about it.

Do you know a scammer? How does he operate? Is he on his own or part of a larger organisation?

Did you see a friend get scammed? Why did they fall for it?

Did you ever scam a scammer? How did you get your revenge?

You can write about yourself or about someone else, of about scammers in general.

Every country has its scams and scammers. Write about the scams in your country. How does your country scam tourists?

I am looking for scams involving lying, trickery or deceit.


No fiction. (No made-up stories. It must be true and factual.)
You can write anything you like about scamming, for example:

  • You can write about scammers and how they operate.
  • You can write about yourself.
  • You can write about someone you know.
  • You can write about the most common scams in your country
  • Only write about scams against individuals, not society. In other words, don't write about the great fiat currency scam or about the government raising your taxes.
    No plagiarism, no copying from the internet. Original ideas only.
    No stories about being ripped off by shoddy goods or paying too high a price.
    No Bitconnect sob-stories - unless you are Mr Bitconnect himself.
    The first tag should be "scammers" #scammers

To get things going I have written the first scam here:


It's about how I was scammed 45 years ago in London with the "Find the lady" trick.

Don't forget to use the first tag "scammers" #scammers.

I will choose the winner of the best #scammers blog in 8 days time on Monday 5th March . The winner will be awarded 25 steem by me.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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  ·  3년 전

Haha... You should have plenty of entries in regards to that Zeartul character. I'd like to hear a witness or whales version of the story.

Still, this is a nice thing you are doing really! Letting a bad experience at least get something good in return!



I’m Not sure who Zeartful is?

What surprises me is that noone has published a steemit scam. Maybe everyone is honest here?

  ·  3년 전

Oh Zeartul was big news 3 or 4 months ago. He stole thousands, maybe 10s of thousands. Here are a couple posts about him: 1 and 2

And a scam being run against the whole steemit platform is by Haejln and Ranch0Relax0 see here No, there are many dishonest people on Steemit....sadly! :-(


Wow, your comment kept me busy for hours. I have been active here for six months but never heard of bellyrubbank!

  ·  3년 전

I can believe it. Steemit is an awesome and complex place.



Sounds like a good job that I never heard of bellyrubbank. 45% guaranteed return is very high. In crypto world this is almost plausible as this is a parrallel world which has nothing to do with the real world.

In crypto I have done the equivalent of handing my bitcoin to complete strangers for returns even higher than this, but none used the word “guaranteed”. Luckily I always got my bitcoin principal back.

Until the bank runs off woth your money you are just a smart investor. After the bank closes, and keeps your money, everyone says “the high return made it an obvious scam”.

thanks for this... will send in my entry

@swissclive, thanks for this competition. I just drop one of my scam stories that happened exactly like yours as comment on your post about how you were scammed 45 years ago in London with the "Find the lady" trick.
I will still write a full post about it to participate in the contest


I read your comment and it is a good story to write about. Please now use some of the details to describe how it happened and how you felt. I will look forward to your story. You will have a chance to win the 25 steem first prize.


Ok. I will do that

Thanks for organising this writing competition . Hardly will you see a Nigerian that has been scammed before. Personally, I've experienced it like 4 time.
Can I share the 4 experiences in a single post?

Owk I already told a story of how I was scammed when I was younger in the comment section of your own story before you posted this...so I guess I won't be writing about myself again but about a friend who is an online scammer and how he operates.


I am very interested to learn about online scammers. this could be the most interesting kind of scam because you never meet the scammer in person. But you have met him and that could make an extremely interesting story, especially seeing his point of view.

Wow, this is a great competition and it will be very interesting to read different scam stories. Thanks @swissclive for this

thanks for this...
I will certainly write, there was in my life the situation with consequences even for today...

Writing mine now. Do I need to leave the link here as a comment?.


No need to leave a link as I will find all the stories thanks to the #scammers first tag

I surely will win this, I was just discussing with my brother some days ago about my scam experience. I give you the full details on my entry

I would love to participate in this contest, I have a truck load of scam experiences I wud love to share... Thanks for the opportunity nd Plz expect my entry anytime soon. Will drop a link.

I'm in swiss, i'm not sure if my story will be really amazing but well, it's a scam and i think it's all that matters.

Have a good day lady :)

PS: "No stories of bitconnect hahaha.. you made me laught on there!"

Updated: Here is my scam post @swissclive:

Definitely you get a story from me i was even called this that my mine was trending over a scam issue... after reading @rok-sivante post on A Personal Invitation To $20,500,000 From President Donald J. Trump...

Well I've written my own experience of scam in your comment section in your first post, I will probably edit it and we'll detailed.

Time to tell the world about the awful moment.

When I initially began, I felt that any individual who fell for these tricks were simply morons. After the majority of that, I understood some of them simply needed to assist of the graciousness of their souls. What's more, some others were simply forlorn and searching for somebody to mind. This makes me extremely upset

Thanks for this opportunity I'll surely send in my entry.

In Nigeria, we get scammed almost everyday, so i have more than dozens of scam experiences and stories...
Thanks for this opportunity, lemme check which story to shared

Okay, I will write my entry today, I mean right now, as I have just checked the scam/scammers and the scammed person who is myself and even though I won't win the prize, I am happy because I know I got your support many times and I have to thank you a lot for that. I'll come back with my entry :D


You never know, you might win the prize because you write so well.

The winner will have these features:

  • Interesting
  • Good layout, good grammer, good spelling
  • The reader will learn something.
  • Photos of scammers or a scam at work would be good.
  • A video (originsl by the author only) would be really good. I would love to see a video of a scam in operation.

Definitely you get a story from me i was even called this that my mine was trending over a scam issue... after reading @rok-sivante post on a scammed email he received A Personal Invitation To $20,500,000 From President Donald J. Trump...

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P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Wow the online and Cryptocurrency world has tons will submit mine.

entry coming soon

Well I'm a fiction writer but I actually do have a couple of good stories about being scammed. They aren't fiction either. Probably

Thank you @swissclive, I will share my story too.

I need you emergency.
very important

Thank you for this kind of contest that brings out some of the worst in people but also the human quality of others.

That's the beauty of Steemit. What a great initiative to have people open up and express their minds. "Are you a scammer?" that part got me laughing... i have lot of such stories. I can only post once, right?


“Are you a scammer?” I asked that question because I really hope to hear from some scammers too. I want to hear how clever they are, and how they learned to deceive, and why they do it. I want to know how they feel about their victims. I wonder if they go to church.


Hahahahaha it's easy to love you. Expect my story. I have lot of them. I can only send one, right?


Send as many as you like.


God bless your heart.


Wow! Im so much in this. ThankGod its not only one entry per person.. Awesome

This is an opportunity to say out my mind on the scam experiences I've had. Can it be about how I was scammed by someone who claimed to sell bitcoin @swissclive because you talked about not writing about the great fiat currency scam.


If someone used trickery with a bad intention to steal your bitcoin or your money, as a scammer would do, then it will be a good story. If you were deceived because the scammer told lies, then it’s good.

If it was just bad advice, or a mistake, then it is not a scam, it’s just bad luck.


Okay.. I get the picture now. Thanks

Wow... Thank you @swissclive for this. I've actually been scammed a few times. I will drop my post on one of the experiences as soon as possible.

I think its time I share my scam experience to world

Here is a post that I have just made and I want to ask you if it meets the criteria to enter into the competition of scammers. If not, I am still grateful that I was able to share this :D


I read your post. It was really interesting what happened. It looks like the account was set up to trick people, but there was no actual deception of you. You just made a simple mistake and sent money to an account that sounds like blocktrades. Whilst I like your story, I feel it falls into the category of mistakes or carelessness rather than scams.


Yes, this is what I thought too, even though that guys have earned a lot of money pretty easy

This is a nice contest! I am a great fan of the tv show Scam City by Conor Woodman, where he goes undercover in various cities trying to get ‘scammed’ and documenting them down in the show.
Especially targeted at tourists, we learnt a few tips from it to protect ourselves from being a victim.
Looking forward to reading all the submissions for #scammers. :)

sir, Please give your fb link
very important

This has just reminded me of a long time experience, if you haven't been a victim before, you will never know exactly how it feels, it's an experience you wouldn't want to ever encounter again.

Thanks @swissclive for this opportunity, am making my post right away using the first tag as scammers.

Being scammed these days especially in African countries such as Nigeria has become the order of the day...
No one even sees it as a big deal again... Others use it as a means of earning a living...

Sadly, even as the awareness on scam is so high... We have people who would still fall victim of this wickedness....

I read your story @swissclive, funny one but painful....

I just wrote about my own experience too....
Beyond the competition, people should also be aware of the different gimmicks these scammers device in cheating innocent people...

Here's the link to my own experience :

I'll write about how my friend was scammed and his shoulders was collected. I've also been scammed but I think his own story will teach a lot of people, especially Nigerian students, a lot of lessons than my own.

I was once scammed by group of young men who came to my town selling soap. They said they were promoting a new brand and because of that they are giving out a lot of lives to anyone who would buy from them. They brought out a list containing all the potential items to be won. I was particularly interested because I saw laptop on the list and that was the year I'm about to enter the university. Considering that I needed the laptop and I also have blind faith that God will make me win, I went to borrow money to buy the soap.

They did a raffle after I bought the soap and I selected one paper. I only won a boiling ring. I later got to know that the only thing written in their raffle papers was boiling ring. So there was no way you could win another thing. They were caught in town and driven out.

Their soap was fake. Their booking ring didn't work for a month. I also learned my lesson.


We call these kind of people "Snake-oil salesmen" . In the old days, travellers would visit the town sell ing so called "snake-oil". They promised it could cure every illness known to man.

By the time you discovered it didn't work, they had already left town.

It was never "Real" snake-oil, but you had to believe them because that is what it said on the bottle.

No bitconnect stories? I bet some of those would have been really funny and tragic at the same time :)


Well I am a bit worried that we would be overwhelmed by people who lost money on bitconnect. In my view almost everyone who went into bitconnect were able to read everywhere that it was a scam, and a Ponzi scheme before they went into it. Yet despite knowing it was only going to last for a while, many people dived in. If you go into a scam after being told it is a scam, it is hard to say you were scammed. Having saids that, if someone has a really good an unusual story about bitconnect, then why not post it here?

Which one will I write about self??

I have lots of stories to write about, I have been scammed before, this scamming of a thing stopped the day I learnt to outsmart my scammars. Let me reorganize myself and come out with the stories...
Please,how many entry or entries per person?


You can write as many stories as you like. To win your story must be good.

I have read loads and they are all sooooooooo interesting.

You need a good topic about scams and you must write well.

I liked a story about yahoo boys. I did not know such a thing exists.


It does, in fanct,it is rampant here in Nigeria. I have never fall victim of their whiles, but I have seen people suffer from them. Thanks a lot

Thank you very much @swissclive for this contest. If there's anything we all have shared a common story it's the issue of scam. It's almost everywhere now, hence the need to sensitive and educate non suspecting people on the modus operandi of these hoodlums.

Here's my entry :

Thanks for this privilege, here is my entry

Hello, This is my Entry.


I hope that this experience I lived will serve as a testimony to alert people not to fall into this type of scams.

Oh yes! I have been scammed
Oh yes! I have close relatives that have been scammed


I don't think this is what you are looking for, but her goes anyway https://steemit.com/scammers/@nicktravers/our-lone-computer

You will get mine @swissclive. Let me get to penning it right away. Meanwhile, such a while!
Since the <300wordstory time.


I will be reading the posts every day. Good luck in winning the 25 steem!


Thanks hopefully I can win that would be awesome to be powered up so can give more votes to our community @steemitfamilyph

wow what a wonderful contest you have created friend @swissclive no doubt that many of us have been victims of scams, it's a shame because those things should not happen, it will certainly be a pleasure to talk about it and reading the experiences of others will help us be more alert about future fraud attempts. Posted in this contest, greetings

Scamming is almost a legal occupation in Nigeria. If you listen to the content of Nigerian Musics, it openly popularises scamming. Gone are the days Yahoo guys(scammers) hide in the dark, they operate openly and are proud of what they do.

Good my friend

This is a very interesting race for victims of fraud. And I will participate in this race. Thank you @swissclive

I'm definitely going for this contest. I'm writing about how i got scammed this year over a job vacancy. I believe it's a very interesting one
Do we need to drop the link in the comment of this post??


No need to drop a link as I pick up all the stories from the #scammers tag.

Awww man.... I got such a great one for this!! One of the toughest lessons I had to learn in life - the hard way.... but a truly poignant and powerful lesson for myself and all of us at the core of it all.

Thanks so much to you @swissclive for creating this contest... A completely unique contest you've brought here and such a potent subject - I'd dare to say that at some point or another, every one of us here could dig up some kind of scammy deceit-filled story from the past events of our lives!

I look forward to contributing to this.. supporting you and reading the accounts of others.

You are an important part of this community, thank you again for bringing us together this way, giving new-comers a chance to thrive and evolve, and keeping things moving and flowing here on Steemit.

Writing about this event in my life will be a real chance for reflection and a final release for me... plus a beautiful opportunity to share the wisdom that I found through the experience with others to benefit from too... So I'm very grateful for the opportunity... You are a legend for creating that for myself and all others that are meant to find themselves to this post.

I'm on a high right now because I got my first curie curation today on my newest post! So I feel fired up and inspired to work on creating something special for this contest.

If you ever have time to read the post, I hope you enjoy what you find there... it's just below :) <3

-->> Love at First Sight - Hocus Pocus or True Magic?

As soon as I'm ready I'll post my story of trickery, lies and deceit here.

You have my full support and encouragement!

Resteemed and upvoted... I'll be back soon!

With love
Hart Floe


Thank you. Getting the curie curation is quite an achievement. Most of the scam stories i read here are interesting and well written. You will enjoy them. Most important when we read these stories we can feel less of a fool. I can’t wait to read your story. I’m all tanked up too.


Yayyyy yeah it feels really good to have something recognized properly for the first time... I was so excited when I saw the post had over 60 views and a load of upvotes... quite a buzz!

I read yours too and damn, spending the first 29 years of my life in London, I heard about and saw them all at some point!

But the one I am writing about is a true deceitful, personal betrayal against me and my family from someone I truly believed I could trust. It was a really difficult time, but I learned so much from the whole experience and hope that I can bring some of that learning here for others to benefit from too..

I had to go on a deep personal process to deal with the whole thing, get myself out of playing the 'I'm the victim of my own damn foolishness' role, and repair some of the damage done by the whole situation! It was pretty tough, but I got there and this has been the first chance since it happened several years ago that I've had to reflect on it again and distill the wisdom I eventually gained from it all into a tangible form I can share with others.

I didn't plan on it, but after dropping this comment last night, I realized I better use the energy and momentum I had! I stayed up until 2:30am writing the skeleton of the story and got it all down last night.

It's pretty wordy at the mo, weighing in around the 3,000 word mark when I went to bed last night. A new skill I am trying to practice is that of 'slimming-down' the fat - So I am going to focus on doing just that and making sure it's as effective as it can be without using many more words than it needs to - Something I tend to struggle with in all my creative endeavors in life!

Thank you again for this. It's already given me great release just spending a few hours on it last night.

I already feel less of a fool :)))) Yayyy!!

Looking forward to reading more. Once again... great contest.

With love
Hart Floe

I sent some tokens to hitbtc on December 31st 2017 which I have not received yet.
I have beem talking to hitbtc since then but they keep ignoring me.
Will that count as a scam? @swissclive


Not really a scam. This is crypto world where anything can happen. There is no evidence you were tricked or scammed. It could just be a mistake or poor service. It does not make your loss any better, but sadly in cryptoland there are no rules and there is no law.

I was scammed in my attempt to buy a phone. Check out my full scam story here:

Hello @swissclive.

This is my entry.


I hope that everyone read it, don't make a mistake like that,

hello my dear friend @swissclive, very happy for this contest I thought it was a great idea to show here the scams that we have had in our lives, in the world there is a lot of cheating so I do not let go of it, here I leave my ticket for the contest . Congratulations for this wonderful idea.


Hello, here I leave my entry, I hope you like it


ohhh it hit me @swissclive ... just now see this contest post. I can still make it.
Have a great day!


Yes, you can make it! There are loads of great stories here. Please help by commenting some of them.

I learned many new things.

I can’t wait to read your story.

I wasn't sure if I had to put a link in here, so I did - just in case.

A true adventure I had a few years back...


  ·  3년 전

Nice contest! Great writing prompt!

Here's my entry: https://steemit.com/scammers/@vdux/i-got-scammed-and-swissclive-knows-it

If anybody wants to write haiku, enter my contest: VDux's Contest #2! Win 2 SBD, Free Upvotes, and More for Writing 17 Syllables

  ·  3년 전

Read your story decided to share my story of what happened to a friend and I years ago... https://steemit.com/scammers/@jayo/the-day-i-would-have-probably-lost-my-life

Hey @swissclive , here is my very silly, yet original entry. I'm not sure if it's exactly what you were looking for but I decided to go for it to see if anyone else out there likes gibberish as much as I do.



Lol. I can’t wait to read your blog!

Just yesterday, the Airtel app (official one!) pushed some website through my Firefox browser in my smartphone, which contained many 'download now' links.
Once I uninstalled that shit app, it went away.
#scammers (:P) getting impatient man!
psst...heard about your blog from @charitybot!

Hello, congratulations for this initiative, here we can tell all these stories of swindlers of our country, here that my entry


Hi, I followed you and please you vote for me

Hi, I followed you and please you vote for me