My life in college - Day 12 - A busy day

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Hello everyone! It has been a busy two days, and I am now using the time I have to write about them. I'm gonna try to be as quick as possible. So let's get into the details of the Tuesday:


Day 12

A busy day

Waking up and eating breakfast

Unfortunately, if I use the title a busy day every time I have a busy day, there are gonna be some repeats (especially on Tuesdays), but this is the first instance so I'll have to be more creative next week. Yesterday I woke up at approximately 8am. Even though I'd gone to sleep so early the night before, I found myself exhausted, and needed the extra sleep. I got ready for the day, and went to get my breakfast.

At breakfast, I ran into a friend, and she and I sat to eat together. I had eggs and sausage (nothing new there), but tried having Sierra Mist with my breakfast. When I drank it, I realized it was not Sierra Mist. It was definitely clear and carbonated, but it tasted awful, and there were tiny black dots scattered throughout it. So I through it away joking that my drink hat contracted a STD.

I then walked with my friend to her class, and she explained a really stupid tik tok that is popular right now to me. I will not even link to it.

Writing the article and getting ready for history

After that, I went back to my dorm and wrote the article for Monday. It took surprisingly longer than I'd expected, and I found myself scrambling to get ready for my music history class.

Music history class


I still found myself about 15 minutes early to the class. I'm just really paranoid about walking from place to place still. The last thing I want is to underestimate the distance, and get there with the excuse "I know it's the third week, but I forgot how to walk here". While I thought the class was gonna be boring, I actually found it really interesting. We discussed music in Ancient Greece, and I learned that there were two schools of thought in Ancient Greece for music theory. One came from Aristotle, and to oversimplify was based in senses (I.E. How the music makes you feel). The other came from Pythagoras through Plato, and was based in reason. It treated music as a math. The professor actually showed us what the math that Pythagoras developed (using strings) looks like, and how this still effects some of the names of intervals we have today. I tend to lean more to the reason side in the way I think (hence the Computer Science double major). I also heard the oldest completely notated composition in Western (or possibly world) History:

Schola Rehearsal

After that class, we immediately had rehearsal for the Schola choir. Yesterday we listened to some of our repertoire, and the director really worked on our sound. He is trying to get the basics in place so he never has to talk about them again. It is a little frustrating because we stop an awful lot, but hopefully as the group picks up on things, we will need to stop left. I am learning a lot from this director. He is really a genius in terms of the gestures he does do and the gestures he doesn't do as a conductor. I will talk more about the pieces we have in future articles. Here's a picture of the chapel I got:


A quick lunch and Computer Science 1

After that, I had a really quick lunch with two friends. My ordering app was broken, and I could only order from Wendy's. So I had a burger. During lunch, we talked about the rehearsal, and our hopes for the choir.

I got to my computer science 1 class a little early, and one of the guys had seen me walking with some of the girls from the choir, and asked me if I'm "pulling". I had to ask him what that means to tell him no and that it was a very rude question. Class was good, though the teacher could really do more to spice it up. We learned about the origins of silicon valley, and the evolution of chips (I.E. Moore's law). I had never realized that Silicon valley was established there for a reason, and that the founder of the original company that all of the other companies stems from was the inventor of the transistor. Next class, we will be starting the basics of python. I look forward to that even though I think I've already learned them a few times. I'm sure I'll pick up something I missed.

Westminster Choir Rehearsal

That class ended at 4:20pm, and at 4:30pm, it was time for Westminster Choir Rehearsal. The rehearsal goes til 6pm, and I was already feeling tired, but by 5 minutes into the rehearsal I was ready to go. My favorite piece that we are working on so far is called "Great God Almighty" (below). The choir still sounds amazing, and the more details we refine, the more amazing it sounds. Unfortunately, sometimes we are unsure and we lose confidence. Those are the worst moments because instead of boldly making the mistake, we timidly make it, and it's not as obvious to the director. She is trying to kick that out of us (as close to literally as possible), but it still occurs on occasion. We ended the rehearsal outside, and I got completely lost because I couldn't hear my section at all. It doesn't matter if you know how to sing something, if you don't know how to properly listen in a certain setting.

Getting dinner, and hole punching my music

I then got dinner, and sat by myself. I charged my phone and played Balloons Tower Defense 6. For dinner, I think I had fried chicken. It was alright. After dinner, I went to my dorm, and asked my piano buddy if I could use her hole puncher for my sheet music for piano. While I hole punched the music, a lot of the freshman came out and talked to me. I'm not sure if some of them like me or not, but I guess it's hard to tell when I'm meeting them for the first time, and hole punching stuff.

Working out

After that, I went to workout. Yesterday was back and biceps, and I could actually see a pretty substantial increase in some of the weights I'm doing. My back and biceps are a little bit more defined now. So for the 3 times a year I take off my shirt, the people behind me better get ready. The workout was quite quick because my legs hurt too much from flag football to do any cardio.

Talking to someone and doing laundry

After my workout, I had a phone call with a girl I have been talking to. I sat in a practice room, and practiced a bit before the call, and then we talked. I was simultaneously waiting for my laundry to finish in the washer (I put it in before practicing). During the call, I went out to switch the wash to dryer. I discovered I'd left a pen in one of my pants pockets. At least one of my shirts, and pants now has ink all over it. I'm really mad about that because I really like the shirt that was potentially ruined. I'm taking them home this weekend to see if my mom can salvage them. Anyway, the call went well, and ended around 11pm (When I thought my laundry would be done). I went out to get it, and realized I'd forgotten to click the start button on the dryer. That's right. I'm a double major with a decent GPA. Feast your eyes on one of the 21st century's biggest geniuses. In all seriousness, you should have heard the sound I made when I discovered I'd have to wait for another hour. I sadly walked into the practice room, and sat there practicing for another hour.

Speaking of disgusting sounds, I walked out of the practice room at midnight, and heard a drunk guy singing the Katy Perry song Firework with 4 other drunk guys standing around the grand piano (yeah that's right. None of them play the piano, and they are all sitting there using a cell phone for the accompaniment). If I had to think of a comparison to the sound I heard, I'd say he sounded like a baby elephant with his foot caught in a blender, but only if the baby elephant were actually making an effort to sing out of tune. The man was probably like a tenor 2, and he was trying to sing notes in his chest voice that most sopranos can't hit. I don't know him, but I can imagine he blew his vocal chords out. I quickly gathered my things and went upstairs. I wasn't sure what was going on in that practice room, but I'm pretty sure it was very similar to how Charles Manson got his cult started.

Organizing my laundry and going to bed

I went upstairs, and organized my laundry. Surprisingly, I still have it organized by color, and I've been doing pretty well at being consistent with where I put the other clothes. I went to bed around 1am unfortunately.


Thanks for reading this article! Please know that the jokes I make aren't meant to be offensive. It just irks me when non-pianists take the good pianos. I was exaggerating. Anyway, all jokes aside, good night!

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