My life in college - Day 4 - The convocation event, and the second day of classes

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Hello everyone! I do not have much time this morning, and therefore need to speed type. If there are any grammar errors, please know that they are completely intentional, and meant to annoy you (sarcasm). Let's discuss the events of yesterday!


Day 4

The convocation event, and the second day of classes

Waking up and getting breakfast

Surprisingly, this day once again started with me waking up. I woke up once again at 7am, and got ready for the day. I went out to get breakfast, but noticed it was heavily raining so I walked down to a practice room, and composed for about an hour. I then went up to check if it had stopped raining, and it had. So I went to get breakfast.

At breakfast, I once again ate by myself, and had a breakfast sandwich made by a cook at one of the stations. It was probably one of the better days for breakfast in my opinion. During breakfast, I got another compliment on my shirt (which was an American Flag polo. Some of the people here are very friendly it seems.

Writing the article and programming in the rec center

After breakfast, I wrote yesterday's article. I went back to the room, but didn't want to stay there to work so I went to the rec center where the gym and starbucks are. They have some tables, and I decided to sit at one of them to work. I wrote the article, and then I worked on programming. Since I'm going to begin work on a deep learning algorithm, I was just trying to learn more about interacting with data from the blockchain. I'm trying to write some code to convert the amount of rshares an article has to steem, but I can't figure that out. If anyone knows a good way to do that conversion, please let me know. It seems that it is dependent on the size reward pool at the time of the payout so doing it with past articles is really hard because I can't figure out how to check the past reward fund size. Only the current.

At 11:15am, I went over to our theatre for an event they have called convocation. I ran into a lot of people I know, and we all sat together. It was a large amount of the people from my class all sitting together. The convocation began with a new faculty member performing Bridge Over Troubled Water, and then the premiere of another faculty member's composition for convocation. The convocation was then an event to recognize the achievements, promotions, and hiring of the professors and other faculty members. At the end of convocation, we sang the Lutkin Benediction for the first time all together. It sounded incredibly beautiful, and you can hear it here on facebook. The way the piece is treated by the people here does bother me a little bit because they seem to idolize it, but it was really cool to finally hear it sung by everyone in the school.

Music Historiography

After convocation, we had our first class for music historiography. The class is covering the history of music from ancient up to the baroque. Almost everyone in my year is in the class, and we had more people than there were seats in the room. The teacher is really quiet, and hard to hear. We all cried when he told us how many tests and papers there would be. It's ok though because most of my other classes aren't going to be assigning essays so it will be nice to have to write them for some class.


For lunch, we went to the better place on campus for food. I had a grilled chicken sandwhich since you shouldn't eat red meat more than twice a week. The same friend who told me that told me that chicken is the best meat to eat. It took less time to be prepared this week, but there was a bit of a glitch where the app would tell people there food was ready before it was so there were several of us talking about how the app said the food was ready while we waited.

Piano lesson, and a stupid mistake

During lunch, I noticed an email from my professor telling me to come for a mini lesson. So after lunch I went to the building for the lesson. My piano buddy was there for her lesson, and so the teacher told me what to watch when we play for each other, and told her what I do wrong too. She then left, and I had my lesson. Unfortunately, it always feels like everything goes out the window during lessons, but the piano was so nice that a lot of the changes I made were much more obvious than they are in the practice rooms.

During my lesson, my piano teacher told me about her car, and said that her license plate had an 88 in it, and asked me what I thought the 88 represents. The first thing that popped into my idiot brain, and a statement that unfortunately made it past the filter was: "the age you were when you got the car". It was at that point that she hit me with her cane (lightly), and basically called me an idiot. She took it pretty well. I quickly recovered and said "I meant the year you graduated high school". I think that was the correct answer. Though thinking about it, there are 88 keys on the piano, but that must be a coincidence.

Computer Science 1

After that, I went to my first class for computer science 1. It didn't have much material either considering it was the first day, but we learned the Turan Machine, and the von Neumann architecture. As well as how the vacuum tube computers worked. It seems the class will be a little bit of python, and mostly a lot of the philosophical aspects of computer science, and how certain hardware works.

Playing Games and Getting Dinner

After that, I got dinner. For dinner, I had chicken once again. It was pretty good. I sat by myself again. I then went home, and played a game with my roommate and our friend. We then all went for their dinner, and I just got a drink.


A phone call and the gym

After that, I went to have a phone call with someone I recently met. We talked for about half an hour, and then I went to the gym and did legs. I've missed leg day too much recently, and walking up the stairs felt like I was going to fall over. When I got home, I went to bed.



Thanks for reading this! Yesterday was a fun day! Sorry if the article seems a bit rushed. I'm in a hurry. See you in the next one.

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it seems you are good at programming, you look after your body that you also go on gym. Can i ask which programming languages you like most and which are known by you?

After reading your article i can say that you are skilled at many works. That means you are all rounder. Programming, music, study etc. It is very hard to maintain all this at the same time. You are just brilliant.

Among all of music instrument, i like sound from piano. Its sound has a deep position that hit my heart.

I like to listen giter, it makes my mind soft.

I forget, did we watch The Imitation Game together? I thought we did, but after watching the trailer, I'm not so sure. Even if we did, I want to watch it again now. ;-)

That movie was about Alan Turing, the conceputalist behind the Turing Machine (and also the Turing Test). This concept is relevant in the blockchain space because Ethereum's claim to fame over Bitcoin is that it has Turing Completeness for smart contracts.

Interestingly, back in 2015, Craig S. Wright claimed that Bitcoin was also Turing Complete (as designed). I wrote about it here. And the BSV camp is now claiming that their Bitcoin fork is Turing Complete.

Anyway, all that is just to point out the real world influence that the concept still has so it's less of an abstract idea while you're learning about it.

Can you please tell in which language you are coding?

Exercise is good for your health and that gym looks complete has a lot of equipment.

I loved the view you took of the theater, I liked your story, I hope you continue to share.