Esteban said he would look after Luna during her first day at nursery school :)

6개월 전


And I believe he did.

Here he is yesterday morning gently encouraging her to hurry up and finish her orange juice.


Quickly out the door they went. Because obviously they were late already!


I even watched them disappear down this path.


I know, all very dramatic Sam. It's just school.

But is it???

We are starting the application process for home-education today, because in all honesty I really want them out asap. While Sabrina believes school to be important for them (and I will always respect her mother's intuition) she does also however acknowledge that the most important thing we have learned this year is that we absolutely cannot trust our governments.

So why would we willingly hand over our children to them?


Laws are changing quickly (without media attention) everywhere in the world and when there is a vaccine I suspect they won't need our permission to jab our kids while they are at school. And you can be sure the vaccine companies will be legally protected when the kids start getting sick.

Esteban knows what to do if someone points a needle at him but Luna is just three years old and cannot possibly understand this situation.

And what if it isn't a needle but a sweet?

You gotta remember they are always three steps ahead of us and nothing is as it seems.


So, that's it.

For the 6th day in a row I am awake again at 3am with a full moon powering down on me but I feel the shift towards decline now and my body will soon need something different.

Detox next, then a few days of fasting and finally a Reiki session I am really looking forward to. Doris (our allotment neighbour) is a Reiki Master and would like to work some magic on me. Which is fab!


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