The Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Lifestyle Series Seven

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This live map is one of the best live map in the Bitcoin Universe. It the live testament to the fact that blockchain technology is 100% transparent and no one in this world can dispute that fact. It might take getting used to but I already featured this in the past as I was continuing the Resourceful hacker series. You may love the fact that transactions are almost instantaneous. Remember that this is a live map and not a batch by batch type of information dissemination. This the real thing. If in doubt you can always use a port scanner, that is if you are into information gathering.


As you can see the nodes are doing their job in relaying and storing blockchain or public ledger database. Which can be seen using the same old blockchain explorer which you can use to study how efficient this technology is. The layman are doing their best to hold on to their old ways. They are doing everything in their power to turn everybody else ignorant with regards to this technology. The Bitcoin lifestyle obviously starts here. The uncontrollable obsession to turn the world upside down and destroy the brick and mortar system.

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Bitcoin will become world single currency one day said by a famous BTC analyst & trader.