Play Our Selected Games And Contests For August 31st & Win!


These are our selected games and contests for August 31st. Join them all, grow your account and have a shot at an extra prize, just for playing.

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Welcome to @newbiegames' new initiative.

Every day (if possible) we will be highlighting 3 to 5 contests. These contests will be chosen randomly. The only requirement is that they are fit for newbies.

If you enter all highlighted contests, we offer you a chance to win an extra prize. You can read more about that at the bottom of this post.

The highlighted contests and games are probably not using the #newbiemes tag (yet), but we ask the hosts to consider using the tag for their next game or contest.

As always, we'll be listing all contests and games that use the #newbiegames tag in our 'Featured Games and Contests' post.


Recommended Games And Contests

Here are our recommended games and contests for Saturday, August 31st.

Make Steem Eight Again... 8 Steem in prizes. by @whatsup

End date: September 6th


For a chance to earn 8 Steem in prizes, you just need to write Steem and $8 on a piece of paper, take a snap shot and upload it in the comments section of the post.



ZapFic Writing Contest: Tell a story in 232 characters or less (on zappl). Results of Week 26 and New Prompt for Week 27 (3 SBI to be won!!! 100% upvote! Resteem!) by

End date: September 6th


To participate in this contest, you need to post a short story (232 characters) using Zappl. This weeks prompt is : grave



Welcome To The 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #18 -- Win 100% of Steem! by @tobetada

End date: September 6th


This contest is all about clouds. To enter the contest you can draw, take a picture or use any other kind of medium to portray clouds in any form or manner.



Finish The Story Contest - WEEK #26 by @bananafish

End date: September 3rd


Create a post in which you finish the started story in less than 500 words. First place is worth 4 @steembasicincome shares.



We recommend all @newbiegames members to participate in these games/contest, because there are some awesome prizes to be won.

After all, winning prizes is often the best way to grow your account a little faster.

Extra Prize

Participate in all mentioned contests and paste the links to all your entries in the comment section below.
(To find the link to a comment, simply right-click the time stamp of the comment and select 'Copy link'.)


If you've completed all contests, your name will be added to the drawing and you might be rewarded with a @steembasicincome share

Winner will be randomly chosen after this post has reached payout.


If you want your contest or game added to one of our next editions, feel free to leave a link in the comment section of this post.


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This is nice. But I'll only participate in the onew that interest me

I absolutely love this initiative!!! I had a similar idea to this once, but just never got around to implementing it or doing anything with it. Gathering up links of contests for newbies to enter is a great way to help people get a leg up on the platform! Do you mind if I drop links to these posts in my "Introduceyourself Bounty Hunt" posts?

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This so nice to

I think this is really a fun way of engagement and with the incentive that comes with it. It'll definitely motivate people to participate.