Why i didnt go to science class

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When i was younger, i loved to fix electronics alot, i may even open up a new one and cfix it back. All i thought of was to that i was going to be one if the greatest scientists. Over time, stepping into high school began to change my ideas, i wanted to be a schience student, no doubt. My third year in high school changed the whole idea, you know why? I lost interest in mathematics. I could score 10 A's in all my other subjects but when it comes to mathematics, i'll be struggling between a C or a D. The whole things wasnt entirely my fault because i had a teacher who would sit down to teach mathematics ( who does that? ) 4th year became worst because I had another teacher who only thought us with examples from the text book and will eventually set questions from there, I was scoring A's but I knew I didn't know what I was supposed to know.
I didn't waste so much time in deciding to go to art class because physics wasn't also my thing, I love chemistry a bit but it was too complicated for me. I love to read a lot so why wouldn't I choose somewhere I can just read and pass my books?
That is what led me into going to art class and today I'm a law graduate, and I'm glad I didn't go to science class to waste my time.
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