Silent and frequent disease cystitis

2년 전

Good community of STEEMIT, I want to tell you about a very frequent affectation worldwide, a disease to which women are particularly vulnerable. I'm talking about cystitis.

Cystitis is nothing more than inflammation of the bladder product of infection by pathogenic microorganisms in the urinary tract.

It is an affectation that women are more vulnerable given the shortness of the female urethra and the intimate contact with the vaginal introitus making frequent migration of pathogens from the vaginal or rectal route. At the same time, women are prone to the injuries that the urethra can produce at the time of having sexual intercourse in men. The conditions are mainly caused by prostatic diseases.

Symptoms: the main symptoms that appear are irritative: burning to urinate or dysuria, frequent need to urinate frequency, need for emptying urinary tenesmus, hematuria bleeding when urinating or colored urine turbidity redness of the vulvar area, fever, chills.

The diagnosis is simple knowing the symptoms presented by the patients. A simple urine test is sufficient for the diagnosis. In frequent infections a urine culture test is necessary to see the specific bacteria.

The treatment usually in the first cases is usually empirical with oral antibiotics in cases where these do not respond to review the culture and administer the effective treatment.

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