Mathematics in nature

2년 전

Our machines and devices change with the times, according to the cultures and times. All this responds to a search for greater efficiency and performance. Higher production in less time and with the minimum energy consumption. If our transport systems have varied by becoming faster and more comfortable for passengers, if computers occupy less space than a few decades ago and solve problems much more quickly, it is because, first, there is a need to improve that performance and secondly , and much more important, there is a human intelligence capable of carrying it out. In the same way, the different beings of nature, including man, by physical and evolutionary needs, must adapt to different environments over time, always obeying natural laws.

In nature, mineral organisms, plants, animals and the same human being change with the passing of centuries; Whole species vary their habits and ways to respond to environmental changes or threats from other species. All this responds to an order, a need, an Intelligence and a law of evolution. All organisms tend towards a position of stable equilibrium, so that it evolves from less probable states to more probable states, always trying to consume the minimum of energy.

The science of recent times has spoken of a law that governs the processes of matter and that is implicit in the different postulates of chemistry, physics, astronomy and biology. It is a principle of minimum action that causes inert matter to agglutinate in a stable equilibrium, with maximum energy savings.

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