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Mathematics is an old and polyvalent activity and throughout the centuries it has been used with profoundly different objectives. It was an instrument for the elaboration of predictions among the priests of the Mesopotamian peoples and among the Pythagoreans considered as a means of approaching a more deeply human life and as a way of approaching the divinity.
Used as an important disciplinary element of thought in the Middle Ages, from the
Renaissance has been the most versatile and ideal tool for the exploration of the universe.
It has constituted a magnificent guide of the philosophical thought between the thinkers of the rationalism and contemporary philosophers and an instrument of creation of artistic beauty, a field of ludic exercise, between the mathematicians of all the times.
On the other hand, mathematics itself is an intensely dynamic and changing science: quickly and even turbulently in its own contents and even in its own deep conception, although in a slower way. All this suggests that, indeed, mathematical activity can not be a reality of simple embroidery.

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