The Mathematical Language

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One of the reasons that hinder the learning of mathematics is because they are expressed in a special language, which is a dialect of natural language (in our case, Spanish), in which the possibility of diverse interpretations must not fit.

To understand and learn mathematics it is necessary to know their language, otherwise, even if they say very simple things, they will not be understood.



Mathematics was first used as a method of measuring the circumstances and physical event. And maybe that should be its main function. However, with the development of operations and mathematical systems is believed to have exceeded the simple method of measurement to convert mathematics into a language of expression and demonstration with which we can find out all physical reality.

The Mathematical Language
Mathematical language is a form of communication through special symbols to perform mathematical calculations.

Here are some examples expressed in natural language and / or mathematical language:

In natural language zero is not used as a number.

In natural language, to add is to increase and subtract is to decrease. In mathematical language, adding is increasing or decreasing (if a negative number is added).

When a number is said, in natural language it refers to any given number, whereas in mathematical language it refers to all numbers.

In mathematical language a simple curve is a curve that does not cut itself, although its shape is extraordinarily complicated.

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