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One of the fears when dieting is the overproduction of food. Because fat can accumulate in the body and so gain weight. As a result, we only eat with small amounts.

And not all foods can make us fat even consumed in large quantities. The key is that these foods should contain high levels of water, fiber, and calcium. That way the fat will not accumulate even if consumed in large quantities.

Want to know what the food is?

1. Eggs


Do not hesitate to include boiled eggs into the salad as a diet. Because eggs are rich in protein and vitamin D. Both of these content can make us feel full longer.

So even if consumed in large quantities, eggs will not make us fat because stored in the body is not fat. But one condition, which is eaten only the white part. You see, the egg yolks have high cholesterol levels.

2. Apple


An apple contains only 50 kilocalories so it is safe to consume in large quantities. Apples also have a glutening effect and facilitate digestion. So no need to fear food will accumulate in the stomach because apples are rich in fiber.

The bonus is the content of potassium and vitamin C that works to keep the blood vessels and heart health.

3. Salmon


Fat contained in salmon is omega 3 fats. So do not worry about making fat. Omega 3 fats are good for brain health.

It also can nourish the skin is often exposed to free radicals and sun exposure.

4. Watermelon


Watermelon is also included in foods that are safe to consume in large quantities. One watermelon contains only 60 to 70 kilocalories and contains plenty of water and calcium.

Besides can filling, watermelon can also eliminate toxins from the body. That's why it is advisable to consume watermelon as dessert after a big meal.

5. Cucumber


Try changing snack with cucumber or adding cucumber to diet. Want as much as anything, we need not fear fat. Cucumbers contain 96 percent water and are rich in fiber. In addition to not make fat, cucumber can also reduce the risk of cancer.

This is a food that is not harmful to the steemian being on a diet program. Hopefully this information can be useful for all steemans, especially the women's steemians.

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Thanks for the pieces..

great healthy food tips :D thanks for sharing