Foods cause loss of offspring

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Pregnancy is a sensitive period for women, in addition to always be careful in carrying out activities. Maintain should also be considered by pregnant women.

Known as food rich in vitamins and minerals. This type of food is very not recommended for consumption by pregnant women. Why? Although healthy, food is very potential to cause miscarriage if taken by pregnant women.

1. Young Papaya


This type of young papaya is known to be very harmful for embryonic development. Compounds contained in young papaya could have caused a strong contraction in the mother's womb so it is quite potentially miscarriage.

2. Durian


Already familiar, the fruit that became a favorite of Indonesian society is also not recommended for consumption during pregnancy. The content of arachidonic acid and alcohol in durian will trigger the formation of prostaglandins that stimulate contractions and are to the fetus. While alcohol causes premature birth and also babies born with low body weight.

3. Pineapple


Pineapple includes foods that can trigger a miscarriage. pineapple fruit enzyme called Protease Bromealin, the compound is similar to Papain contained in young papaya that can lead to miscarriage in young pregnant women.

4. Crabs


Crabs are known to have high nutritional content and many benefits for health. But behind the pleasure and nutritional content of crabs, it turns out the pregnant women should avoid it because crabs can be one cause of miscarriage if consumed during the first three months of pregnancy.

5. Pomegranates


Pomegranate can cause miscarriage when consumed in excess, which will lead to contractions to cramps in the uterus. The most dangerous part of the pomegranate is its seeds.

That's the summary of foods that can make a miscarriage in pregnant women. So from now on be careful eating the food above. Hopefully useful yes steemian. Especially the women who are pregnant steemian.

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