The worst food for acne sufferers

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Ladies who have acne-prone skin would often find it difficult to find a suitable skin care product. However, it turns out not only the content or formula skin care products that must be Ladies beware, food intake must also be Ladies watch. Just like a leather product line, certain ingredients in the diet can trigger acne. The worst food for this acne sufferer seems to be good, but food does affect the overall condition of the body. For example, sugary foods that are believed to cause weight problems can be the cause of the breakout. So, it is possible that the acne that grows on the face of Ladies is caused by candy and chocolate that Ladies likes to consume as a snack in their spare time.

Want to know what else the food should be avoided by the owner of acne-prone skin? Here are some foods I know.

1. Cheese


Dairy foods such as cheese are proven to cause acne. Blockage of the pores was not only caused by dirt, but also hormonal changes. Milk containing androgen hormones is very likely to contribute to the clogging of the pores.

2. Spicy food


Most of us are very fond of spicy food. However, if Ladies have acne-prone skin, Ladies should be less-less. Spicy foods are proven to contain acidic lycopene that will irritate acne-prone skin by interfering with the pH level of the skin that eventually causes acne.

3. Chocolate


As already mentioned, chocolate, dairy products, white bread, and all grilled pangs have a high glycemic index that will increase the body's insulin count. High insulin levels will eventually cause various problems, one of which is acne.

4. French fries


Although tasty, French fries have high sodium content that is included in the category of hyperglycemic which can cause acne. In addition, the content of oils and fats in French fries can clog the skin if not washed.

5. Sushi


Sushi is included in the hyperglycemic food category because it is usually served with white rice. So, if Ladies want to eat sushi, you should reduce the rice yes.

Does not mean you should really avoid all these foods yes. The important thing must be balanced yes ...

Here are some foods that should be shunned by acne sufferers that I know. Hopefully this information can be useful for all steemian, especially female steemian.

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It would be nice to see you post specific components to each food.
For instance cheese, there are clearly many types.
Spices: its important to deferential between black pepper vs cayenne etc.