What are the causes of acid rain ?

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First opinion:

Basically this acid precipitation is caused by 2 air pollutants specifically, SO2 or dioxide and Nox or element okside that area unit each created / made through combustion.

However, around five hundredth of dioxide (SO2) that is within the Earth's atmosphere is formed naturally, that's to mention, comes from forest fires or volcanic eruptions.

While the opposite five hundredth is that the results of human activities, as an example because of metal smelting, BBF burning, and electricity generation.

Petroleum typically contains zero.4% to five coal and sulfur between zero.1% and 3%. once BBF is burned, sulfur with a amount of zero.1% - third-dimensional oxidizes, and become dioxide / dioxide (SO2) and unleash it within the air.

The sulfur / sulphur oxide is then regenerate to sulphuric acid (Soemarwoto O, 1992).

Second opinion:

Acid rain is caused by the formation of acid within the air that is triggered by the meeting of acidic gases with vapour. sometimes it happens due to pollution / pollution round the mill. Gas that's typically an element within the prevalence of acid precipitation include:

1. monoxide (CO) and dioxide (CO2)

Both of those gases return from the pollution of motorcars, combustion merchandise, etc., that once the 2 gases meet with vapour (H2O) can type acid (H2CO3) that is assessed as weak acid.

2. sulphide (H2S) and dioxide (SO2)

Both of those gases return from heating sulfur / combustion. In general, these gases area unit found in significant industrial areas, that once the gases meet with vapour (H2O) can type sulphuric acid (H2SO4) that is assessed as sturdy acid.

The degree of acidity of acid precipitation is calculated from the acid concentration within the air, that indirectly implies that it's calculated by the degree of pollution / pollution within the air.

In traditional standing, actually, carbonic acid gas within the air causes the rain that we tend to sometimes get pleasure from is acidic. however the pH scale isn't way below seven.

Different in areas with significant pollution / pollution, the acidity level (pH) is way lower.

There is a detailed and direct relationship between corrosion and acid precipitation. Corrosion, is that the method of weathering of metals by substances that area unit classified as oxidizing agents.

And acids, area unit substances which will simply oxidize metals. thus within the event of acid precipitation, it's sure that corrosion can occur in metals exposed to acid precipitation.

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