The reason and process of why people snort stuff.[People have been doing it for way longer than what you think][Insufflation]

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There is definitely a stigma involved

I thought this video was pretty cool and very informative. I'm sure everyone is aware of people using drugs in this fashion, and maybe you didn't know why. Especially if its something you could just swallow and ingest orally. I would imagine that most people look at it as gross and "drug-addict" like. Haha

Although its probably not too good for your nasal cavity, it definitely makes what you are ingesting have a more rapid onset. People have been consuming substances in this manner for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Me being super interested in human anatomy and pharmacokinetics\pharmacodynamics (I'm a student nurse. Lol), I thought the breakdown of this process was pretty cool. I hope this is as interesting to you as it was to me. I always love teaching and learning new things; as long as it's interesting.

Why Do We Snort Things?

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Great post, did you notice the guy's shirt Detroit city of tomorrow.


Thank ya! Yeah I did notice that. It's weird seeing a positive reference like that. Lol


Yeah i like his shirt .

Wow that blew my mind, and my nose. Lol. Did i hear that right, he said you can get nasal maggots from sores in your nose ? Dam thats gross, and i bet theres some really graphic medical pictures of this condition to.


You heard him right! It's a rare thing but it happens.
Here ya go! you asked for it! Hahaha

I would have a continual urge to blow my nose. There is no way I would let them accumulate like that. Haha


God that is sick. Yeah you would think they would blow there looks like they found a good home to raise there little ones in. Lol