Pro Counter Landing On The Moon

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Ever seen Star Wars? Wow, what does it feel to explore this universe? Maybe for some people to explore many countries far more reasonable than to explore the universe. Do not go all the way to the universe. Exploring the solar system alone is not necessarily possible. But what is space exploring just a dream?

Moon landing apollo 11.pixabay

Dreams and hopes of exploring and finding a friend in the corner of the universe have inspired the birth of science fiction films over the years. The dream of exploring the Solar System often adorns the human imagination. Not just dreams that can make us wish to be on another planet. In fact, there are many missions done to realize that dream.

In 1969, Apollo 11 aircraft managed to bring and set men for the first time on the Moon. Of course, we all remember who it is Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon. His name adorned science books in elementary, junior and senior high schools. No doubt this event can be said to be one of the important milestones of science and technology world. Thus, the dream to explore further from the Moon is just waiting for time to be realized.

After more than three decades passed, the pros cons still overshadow the historic event. Skepticism arose because there was a NASA supposition-at that time-not yet having the technology that enabled the landing on the Moon. The 1969 era was a time when the cold war between the Soviet Union and America was not over. The "Cold War" pressure with the Soviets made America must do something to win the war. Moreover, after the Soviets managed to orbit Yuri Gagarin. Because it could have been the landing of Apolo 11 on the Moon just a political scenario to win the cold war.

But if the landing was fake, the Soviet Union should have made this a counter-attack for America. But until recently, even as the landing hysteria took place, the Soviets did not respond to attacks.

When viewed from the published photos there are some strange things. Among the photos that show the flag seems to be flying while on the Moon there is no atmosphere and wind. In addition, there are also photos that do not show any stars in the sky of the background of the Dark Moon.

Flags Flutter Without Wind? Impossible!

A fluttering flag is it possible? This question often appears when viewing photos of Apollo landings. In the moon, there is no wind. But to be able to fly, the flag does not always need the wind. At least in space, this is what happens. On conditions on the Moon, the flag is fixed not only on the vertical pole, but there is also a horizontal pole added at the top of the flag, so the flag appears hanging and stretched.

Moon landing apollo 15,pixabay

In addition, the hard surface of the Moon makes it difficult to erect a flagpole, so the astronauts must rotate the pole back and forth to be implanted in the moon's soil. As a result of this movement, the flag is flying, or actually more accurately called vibration. On Earth, the flag flies for a few seconds and is slowed by the air, but the vacuum on the Moon causes the motion of the flag to not stop because no outside force stops it.

In The Sky No Stars?

moon walk astronaut.pixabay

Another question that arises when viewing the published photos, why there are no stars in the images taken by astronauts from the surface of the Moon. Logically without the moon's automatic atmosphere, the sky becomes dark. If so then observers can see bright objects like stars.

In the Earth's sky, Earth's atmospheric particles will scatter sunlight at blue wavelengths, so the daytime sky looks blue. In contrast to the Moon, which can hardly be said to have no atmosphere so the sky is always dark, both day and night. So, if we are on the Moon, of course, stars will always be seen. But why not be captured in the pictures taken by Apollo? In the photo, the star is actually there, but too dim for the camera captured. Cameras and movies used by astronauts are set to take pictures of activities on the Moon. The timed exposure is arranged in such a way as to capture bright Moon surface conditions, not to take pictures of weak objects in the background sky.

Stubborn Footprints

In another photo, no rocket bursts were seen at the landing site. For a rocket the size of Apollo should be bursts can cause a large hole in the surface of the Moon. So how can a rocket land smoothly without having a big trace?

Moon landing apollo 11 buzz aldrin,pixabay

To perform a landing certainly not done at high speed but with a slower speed. No one person parked his car at 100 km / h. The same applies to Apollo 11. The rocket burst has a 5000 kg boost, but the rocket is slowed to about 1500 kg as it approaches the surface. With a 54-inch rocket pipe diameter (from Astronautica Encyclopedia), and a rocket size of about 2300 square inches, the rocket burst only causes a pressure of about 0.75 kg / square inch. The pressure of this magnitude will not cause a large hole trace.

The photographs were taken on the Moon also show a darker shadow. Objects that should be dark because they are in the shadow area, but in the photo can be clearly seen, including writing on the side of the plane. The Sun is the only source of light, and no air can scatter light, it should be a very dark shadow. A wrong perception. Indeed this is not on Earth and sunlight cannot be dissipated in the vacuum. But in the Moon, there is another source of light coming from the Moon itself. Dust on the Moon has a peculiar characteristic: it reflects back the light toward the originating light source.

The Perfect Photo

Other irregularities, photographs generated by the astronauts are too good and almost perfect for the size of an amateur, not to mention the different conditions of Earth. A professional photographer alone is not necessarily all the photos taken have perfect results. How can, amateur astronomers in photography have such excellent photographs.

Before departing to the Moon, these astronauts in addition to receiving training to adapt to the conditions of the Moon they are also trained how to take photos of the Moon. The Apollo 11 crew in its cruise took about 17,000 photos on the surface of the Moon. There are many photos that have failed, and of course, the publications are photographs that are considered good and successful. Just like a photographer, photographs are published of course the good photos are not the ones that fail. :)

Valid evidence

Ferroan Anorthosite Moon rock, returned from Apollo 16..wikimedia

One of the undeniable evidence is the existence of rocks from the Moon. Approximately 841 pounds of stone was brought from the Moon for study. These stones are very different from the rocks that exist on Earth. Research on the stone can show its origin, as well as its condition that is in a state without air and without water for thousands of years. No one can make such stone replicas either natural or man-made. In addition, these rocks may not come from asteroids because rock samples derived from asteroids have been collected by NASA as well as researchers in other hemispheres. This stone is not derived from a rock that fell as a meteorite from space because the stone that fell as a meteorite will be oxidized as it passes through the atmosphere. And this does not happen to the stones.

Geologists from around the world have been researching the rocks, and it is foolish to make fake rocks to deceive all researchers. It is much easier to go to the Moon and take the rock than to give false arguments against all the world's geologists. These experts are not fools who can be deceived.

It is true that the United States as a superpower can do anything to be at the forefront, but that does not mean that this kind of perception keeps a close eye on the successes achieved by the world of science and technology.

Had the landing been fake, was NASA so reckless that it left much evidence to reveal? If the shadows that appear in the photo are wrong, why is none of the NASA personnel aware of them?

It may be much easier to accept that NASA has repeatedly managed to deliver unmanned missions. But it also does not mean manned flights become impossible. Currently, unmanned space exploration has uncovered the mystery of the mini solar system on Saturn (Saturn and its satellites, see Cassini-Huygens mission). The Deep Impact Mission Trip succeeds in giving a new space to uncover the mystery of comets and the first step to understanding the formation of the Solar System. Even planned for several more years, there will be a manned mission back to the Moon to explore the likelihood of life on the Moon. This mission will be an initial mission before stepping on Mars. Maybe after Mars, just a matter of time and Titan will be the next target of the colony. thanks!


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Believe me; I've heard so much conspiracy theories about the moon landing that I don't even know what to believe again.
But really, I find this post helpful..
Nice piece

  ·  4년 전

you just have to believe in yourself :), thanks again

Well done. Conspiracy theorists will always doubt this great achievement.

  ·  4년 전

maybe death also has not made them reverse .'_ *

We never went to the Moon....

I'm only joking, very good supporting points, especially explaining the flag, a lot of conspiracy theorists use this excuse to debunk the moon landings.

Thanks @irza Good Job!

  ·  4년 전

NASA was deliberately trying to make the flag visible flutter. You do this by placing a small horizontal pipe on top of the pole - which makes it in an inverted L shape. The flag is suspended by horizontal pipes and the wrinkles on the flag create a fluttering effect. nanana....:)

You debunked this conspiracy very nicely and very precisely! Thanks for posting this. What will destroy this world consists of conspiracies and bureaucracy...

  ·  4년 전

bad conspiracies and bureaucracy drain the emotions and energy of those who oppose it (spirit), thanks again :)

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! I just shared one on holographic cosmology that you may enjoy.

  ·  4년 전

You are welcome, :))

  ·  4년 전

These theories have been dissected.. I am glad i read this...i didn't know what to believe anymore.

  ·  4년 전

you can trust yourself again hahaha ... thanks...

Wow... Izra good job backing your theory with scientific research. It was great reading this and finding something to believe in.

  ·  4년 전

thanks again, you also did a nice job :)

Very true..I had a lot of words with my friends about this. One more point is there that you haven't included here. To propell a rocket we need a lot of energy to push it beyond escape velocity here on earth. Without any such settings how is it possible to begin the travel from the Moon? You should have addressed this point here by doing the gravitational Maths!

Enjoyed reading @irza

  ·  4년 전

happy to read your feedback, still much less than me.
in the future, I will fix it.
thank you

hello congratulations, I your article is clear on many doubts that someone could create Posts written very well and really interesting, I regret not being able to read it in my mother tongue! Sorry for the bad English.
I will follow your next articles with curiosity, see you soon!

  ·  4년 전

we still have many opportunities to fix things here,
we can still learn in this community,
all will help us here, keep the spirit ..thanks

You know what? I like your post more than my breakfast today, and I really enjoy what you talking about
Just tell me, do you believe someone ever been to the moon?
You can DM your answer via steemit chat :)

  ·  4년 전

you have to put breakfast first, just read my post (it's more important bro)
sometimes people fail to focus on understanding something if their stomach is not filled (there is aqua?) :)
yes, I believe that man has already left his footprints on the surface of the moon!