Colorful x-rays

2년 전

images (1).pngNew Zealand science scientists have acquired colorful episodes for the first time in human history through new technology.

Physical lab, which supports image technology in Surin (Center for European Nuclear Research), has revealed that New Zealand scientists have made colorful, colorful acres for human beings for the first time, but for this The latest microchip syrup available is available.

Scientists have used such technology for color corrosion that promises to improve the field of medical evaluation, while this new technology has been commercialized by the New Zealand company 'Marc Bio-imaging', which is a University of Canterbury University and New Zealand University of Otago has provided support.
This technology of the siren has been named as 'Daddy Maidy Picks' which works exactly like a camera. It is as if there is light in the body and due to different thickness of flesh and bones, the appearance of light is somewhat light and darker. The data obtained by technology (X-ray) data changes in seven colors of the data (spectral).

Later, an algorithm (software) displays a bone or bone risor in the colorful D-D picture, depending on this data. Imagine the picture as if an artist has developed a statue in front of the body inside the body.

Although the device uses traditional black and white acres, but the technology to identify particles is used to make color that is used in the world's largest atom chicken machine syrup. The siren was discovered past few years last year.

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