'Mustary' robot makes house 54 hours only

2년 전

download (1).jpegFRANCE: The French construction company has made a rocket robot that can print a full house for five people in just 54 hours while printing Thary D.

As a practical demonstration of technology, Robot has developed a 1022 square-foot house, which takes two or six hours to prepare. However experts are trying to reduce the time at just 33 hours.

The daughter-in-law company has made this third-party robot that builds an effective and strong home by 20% less than normal homes. Experienced the company has demonstrated its robot by preparing a house at Nantis, France, France. This is the first step in which people will live permanently.
In this process, a robot surrounds the wall from the surface of the earth. Robots make Polar Eurythene two and a layer of concrete without sand intercourse. After the house is completed, five rooms including bathrooms have been prepared and the outer walls of the house are also elegant.
Polar erosion removes the type of robbery as a shing cream that spreads in the spreading concrete. Due to this material, the home is naturally hot or cold and the external heat can prevent cold. According to the robot robot software guide, the laser works its way in the rays.

Daughter print believes that this technology will be a new revolutionary process by making easy and less cost-effective construction of houses.

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