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Yesterday i wrote an article elaborating what jaundice. Visit my previoua post if you didn't see it. Today I will be writing on hepatitis.

Hepatitis unlike jaundice is a viral this that affects the liver. Hepa means liver and titis means inflammation, hepatitis is therefore the inflammation of the liver.
It can be caused primarily by the hepatitis Virus and secondarily by the autoimmune and drugs,alcohol,toxins,medication, etc.

Hepatitis are caused by different viruses which are hepatitis A, B,C,D ,and E viruses. Hepatitia A is usually acute / short term, B,C, and D are in going and chronic while E is acute and affects mainly pregnant mothers.



Hepatitis A: caused by hepatitis A virus is most commonly transmitted by consuming food or water contaminated by feaces from a person infected with hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B is transmitted through contact with infectious body fluids, such as blood, vaginal secretions, or semen, containing the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Injection drug use, having sex with an infected partner, or sharing razor with an infected person.

Hepatitis C: caused by hepatitis C virus Hepatitis C is transmitted through direct contact with infected body fluids, typically through injection drug use and sexual contact.

Hepatitis D: this is cauesd by hepatitis D virus and is contracted through direct contact with infected blood. Hepatitis D is a rare form of hepatitis that only occurs together with hepatitis B infection. The hepatitis D virus can’t multiply without the presence of hepatitis B.

Hepatitis E: this is caused by the hepatitis E virus and it is a waterborne disease.Hepatitis E exist areas with poor sanitation and consumption of contaminated water.

It is important to note that hepatitis virus cannot cure but can be controlled with anti viral drugs.

Symptoms ranges from chronic to acute. For the infectious forms of hepatitis that are chronic, like hepatitis B and C, you may not have symptoms in the beginning and symptoms may not occur until the damage affects liver function.

Signs and symptoms of acute hepatitis appear quickly as follows; fatigue, pale stool, loss of appetite, flu-like symptoms, dark urine, abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, and JAUNDICE.

With the last symptoms, people confuse jaundice for hepatitis and seem to get scared when they observe yellowing of the sclera.

With this article i hope you all have noted the difference between both and feel free to ask any question. Thanks for reading

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