Food: Science Picture Challenge #2 Yeah! Toast!

4년 전

This post isn't really about toast, it's about gjetost, a type of Norwegian 'cheese' made from a combination of cow's and goat's milk. Gjetost is pronounced something like yaytoast, although I'm not Norwegian and would probably be laughed at for making it close to Yeah! Toast! but it's fun anyway.

I put 'cheese' in half-quotes because it's a debateable point as to whether gjetost is actually cheese, but it's found in the cheese section anyway since I don't know what it would be called if not cheese!

The National Dairy Council defines cheese as:

"...a concentrated dairy food made
from milk, is defined as the fresh or matured
product obtained by draining the whey (the
moisture or serum of the original milk) after
coagulation of casein, milk’s major protein."

Like anti-matter is to matter, this makes gjetost the anti-cheese to cheese, since it's made with the whey instead of the curdled milk! Maybe it should be in the anti-cheese section.

Gjetost is made by taking the whey leftover from making cheese and boiling it down over 9-10 hours until it becomes a solid mass, then is formed into a brick in the shape of cheese, but looking more like caramel. It's delicious and surprisingly sweet and rich, tasting more like fudge or caramel than cheese. It's delicious with fruit like apples or like the pears above. If you can find it, give it a try. I think you'll love it.

Both photos were taken myself




Both photos were taken myself

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