Are we ready to face a world of biologically engineered society?


Humans, even several decades before we discovered the DNA, have been tinkering with our own biology. With our new techniques, CRISPR and CAS 9, that would enable us to alter our genetic materials more than ever. Now is the “preindustrial” era of synthetic biology, and it is difficult to predict the limitations of engineered biological systems. Yet, it’s important to remember that a complete physical understanding of how biological parts interact and operate is not necessary for achieving synthetic biology as an established engineering discipline. In, fact some of our science has been developed and practice long before we had a complete understanding of how they work. Similarly, we humans might start changing our genetic makeup even before we fully understand it.


Are we ready to face another intellectual revolution? Are we ready to filter the next generation of people that we are going to admit to our society?

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Name me one thing we fully understood.

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Haha. none. you got me on that but the difference with genetic engineering is that it has a tremendous effect on our society and to us, as a species, if we ever continue to pursue its mystery.

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