Diamonds are forever they say but stars are forevermore.


The universe is filled with fascinating and bizzare objects that sometimes doesn't make sense. Black holes, supernovas and pulsars all together silently lurking in the vast reaches of our realm, beyond even what our telescopes could peek but we are also nearby one of the universe's mystery.


Our sun is an average star relative to all the stars in the universe. At some point after billions of years of shining, our sun will eventually face its death- becoming a white dwarf. White draft are "dead" stars that are so dim to be seen by the naked eye. Although they are somewhat not so much of a star as they were once. Their grandeur is not of brightness. Beneath the facades of each white dwarf, lies the core with tremendous pressure that each carbon molecules are essentially compacted together, making them the universe greatest diamond reserves.


Hurry humans!!! The diamonds are waiting.

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Thanks for the post. White dwarfs are even cooler when they are sucking material away from another star and create a Type Ia supernova