A new revolution!

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Technologies have evolved through the passage of time and and has bought human comfort. In entertainment industry we all are aware of movies and t.v shows. But now a days the trend of web series may it be channelized by Netflix, amazon prime etc have become vastly popular.
Every now and then we come through a review here on steemit about some web series, even I have written many blogs on them.
Do you think Netflix and Amazon prime has replaced television's audience majorly?

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I have put up this question on musing too! I got many good answers too.
I think for more interesting and continuing series with original or some other content could be easily found on Netflix and all but t.v.even shows geographic channels and sports which is not available on the subscribed apps but yes the best part is one doesn't needs to wait a long time for another episode to come like on television shows, apparently both have their own importance.
As far as I am concerned I love watching amazon prime, Unlike t.v. I can watch my favorite series anytime according to my convenience.
What are your views on this subject?.... Do you like watching television or Netflix/amazon prime ?

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