New Quantum Computer From IBM – Q System One

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At this year CES you could have seen the first fully integrated commercial quantum computer – Q System One from IBM.


There were many interesting things we could have seen at this years CES. A crash of AI where Elon Musk’s Tesla crashed into the Russian Promobot. We learned that CES is organized by bigoted conservatives that are afraid of the robotic dildo. And we also learned about the quantum computer from IBM – Q System One.

Quantum computers are still a bit sci-fi but it seems that they are getting closer to becoming a real thing a consumer can buy. IBM’s Q System One – which they call the first fully integrated commercial quantum computer - is a big step in this direction.

While it isn’t the very first computer that IBM calls a quantum computer. But the quantum computers of today can usually be found only in science and development laboratories. This is because they need sophisticated electronics, powerful cooling and many other things to even function. Q System One takes all of this and puts it inside a nice elegant looking box.

In its current iteration, Q System One uses 20 qubits. That’s not the smallest number but it isn’t the largest either. But the goal of Q System One is not to be the best in terms of power but to show that quantum computers can be reliable and work in a commercial setting.

Quantum computers – like all great inventions – promise amazing benefits. But they also come with a potential slew of problems. Experts already think that advanced quantum computers will be capable of breaking the best ciphers that exist. And we should be ready for that.


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Would be wonderful to see Q System One adopted in many more businesses and in Universities. Maybe a couple of years many businesses will have them.

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