Acid Rain: Meaning, Facts, Reasons, Effects and Its Solutions

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Acid rain can be defined in other forms such as rain or rain; hydrogen ion (low pH) is high level or in simple words it is acidic. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emit due to acid rain. These acidic rain reacts with water molecules in the atmosphere to produce water. Nitrogen oxides are naturally produced by friction of electricity and sulfur dioxide is produced by volcanic eruption.

Types of acid deposits

There are two main methods of acid accumulation in the environment, which have been detailed in detail below.

Wetting: In the areas where the weather is moist, the acid affects the atmosphere in the form of mist, rain or snow shavings, fog etc. This process usually occurs when the acidic chemicals in the air are mixed. Then the acid gets out of the atmosphere and deposits it on the surface of the earth. When the water of the acidic rain meets with the water of the sea, in rivers and canals, it also has harmful effects on animals, plants and aquatic life.
Dry Stagnation: In areas where the weather is dry, the acidic chemicals are mixed in the air and the acidic pollutants fall in the form of dry particles in combination with smoke or dust. They stick to trees, buildings or plains and surfaces. In the dry coagulation the atmosphere gives rise to approximately 50% of acidic pollution. These arid acidic pollutant particles end with the surface of the earth by rain and storm. 

Facts of acid rain

Here are some important facts about acid rain:

In addition to sulfur and nitrogen oxides, volcanic eruptions, coal and plant damage etc. also promote the side effects of acid rain.
The odor and flavor of acid rain is usually the same as normal rainfall.
Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide promote acid rain, and it also causes diseases such as cancer, asthma and heart diseases.
Acid precipitation can also destroy the process of photosynthesis of the leaves and the supply of nutrients. By changing the acid level of soil, soil and plant conditions make it toxic.
When acid rain is mixed in water bodies like lake, streams or rivers, then it changes the pH level of water and makes it adverse for aquatic life.
Due to acid rain some lakes have been declared completely dead.
The pH level of acid rain is 4.3 (similar to orange juice or vinegar), whereas pure water is pH 7.
Rain is not the only type of rain but mist, ice, and even dust particles make it acidic.
The effect of acid rain can be removed only as an acid.
Due to abundant presence in sulfur and nitrogen dioxide environments, these acids are one of the major causes of rainfall. 

Acid rain source

The chemical equation of acid rain is something like this. When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide react with chemical reactions, then acid rain is produced. So in this way we can say that sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are one of the major agents of acid rain.

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