Curiosity in Moon again

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Indications were found earlier. There is more evidence of living life on the planet Earth.

Manganan 'Curiosity Rover' sent NASA to Mars Their presence in the field of life is significant enough, claims NASA scientists. In addition, one more thing has caught their attention. The level of methane increases in lagoons, sometimes decreasing. Two things have been overlooked by the 'Miss Curiosity' in the Gull Caterpillar area of ​​Mars.

There is no living organism like the earth, no microbes are in vinagraha? Or was not there in the past? Experts are looking for answers to this question for a long time. Looking for him, Mars Kuriosity Sometimes the signs of the riverbank found on the surface of the red planet, and sometimes the findings of carbon compounds. But at this time the excited scientists are excited about the information sent by Marsan. According to NASA, Manganets found three types of biogas particles below 5 cm in digging kadapathar (stone rock) of 350 million years old.

The second most interesting information sent by the Curiosity is that the Earth's progeny also has detailed menstrual periods. Increases in methane levels in the windstorm during any season, sometimes decreasing. 95 percent of the methane present in the Earth's atmosphere is made from biological activity. Scientists say that, very soon it will be known, there is also the methane of Mars, the mysteries of life. The key to life is the biological compound.

Although there may not be any link with life. Organic biology is also made from many chemical reactions. As a result, no compound was formed from any biological process, yet no one is sure about it. "The organism can have three sources," said Jennifer Eigenbrad, an astrophysicologist at NASA's "Goddard Space Flight Center" in Maryland. One, life may be, we do not know. Two, Mars may have been meteorite on the ground. From which the biogeography was imported into the ground of Mars. And lastly, in a geographical way, that particular stone (that is, the biological matched) was created.

Eigenbrad said, "Whatever needs to be done for the onset of life, all are in redness. But it can not be said that there was life in Mars. "

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