Summer camp a camp providing recreational and sporting facilities for children during the summer holiday period.

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Summer camp is a special camp that gives children the chance to have fun together, they do adventure and learn a lot from them. They stay away from home and learn new things in a safe environment and thus make their app self-reliant. They make new friends and even socialize, who develop their social skills and confidence.

Here are some reasons why summer camps are important :

Creating new friends - Summer camp is a place where children make new friends and can freely socialize with them. They get the opportunity to sing together, singing, painting, dancing, drawing and many activities. They share their place with each other, work as a team and thus become new friends.
Developing social skills - Joining the summer camp is to join the community where the children are ready to cooperate with each other. This gives them the opportunity to interact with their peers inevitably. Staying together and pulling together many tasks together brings them together. They learn to work efficiently as a part of the team by co-ordinating and collaborating with each other.
Increasing the sense of independence - Being away from home, children have to make their own decisions without the guidance of their parents and teachers. They learn to manage their daily work and activities in the camp's safe and caring environment. They learn how to act responsibly.
Developing skills - Summer Camp is a great way to increase the skills of children. Diversity of activities offered in summer camps helps children find and develop their interests. The right facilities and environment are provided to the children to increase their skills and abilities. This allows children to show their talents and be more creative.
Binds to nature - Summer camp allows children to join nature. External activities are a great way to inspect nature for children and to develop awareness of the natural world. Outside home experience is very important for the healthy growth and development of a child.
Keeps away from technology - Staying away from technology, TV and cell phones, engaging in the real world is the right way to nurture the children. It encourages the children to engage in actual activities. In this way, their understanding and ability to negotiate with real understanding and handle actual tasks increases. They also realize that there is more to the entertainment than technology, in which we can get involved.
Confidence increases - Summer Camp helps children develop their self-esteem in the absence of academic and social competition During these camps they participate in non-competitive and diverse activities. The camp encourages children as well as encourages them.
Physical activity - Summer camp makes them more physically active because they take part in various physical activities, such as swimming, hiking, horseback riding, outdoor games, and new adventures. They are always active in camps. It makes them physically strong. It enhances their physical ability and their ability to challenge themselves.
Opportunities to learn - Summer camp creates opportunities for children to learn in many ways whether it is music, dance, science or art. Learning in camps is more effective because it gives children more practical knowledge and real experience.
Summer camp is a break - Summer camps are really exciting and inspiring. Instead of continuing with the same old boring routine, the children get to experience something different. Changing the children's routine is very important. Children celebrate the summer camp and at the same time learn many essential things too. 


Summer camp is not just for entertainment. The value of experience is more important. It affects the child in many positive ways. It develops mental, physical and social abilities of children. It provides an opportunity to grow emotionally and socially. They feel free themselves and their confidence grows too. And we know that practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge, they will prove to be better in their lives due to their experience. The summer camp teaches them some of the most important lessons of life.

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