The role of natural resources in sustaining life on earth is extremely important and we must ensure that we protect the environment and also make it easy for it to replenish itself naturally.

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Natural resources are essential for humankind as well as other living beings. These are an essential part of our life. In fact, without the majority of these natural resources our life on earth is not possible.

Distribution of natural resources

Natural resources are distributed irregularly on Earth. Different parts of the earth are rich in different types of natural resources. In some places, plenty of sunlight is obtained, while there are some places where people are mostly deprived of sunlight, in the same way, there are many water bodies in some places, then some areas are filled with mineral content. Has happened. There are many factors that affect the uneven distribution of natural resources. Climate and land are one of the main factors.

Some countries that have rich reserves of natural resources include China, Iraq, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada and Brazil. Countries which are rich in natural resources, let us know about those countries: -

Russia : Russia comes in number one in natural resources, this country has plenty of wood, oil, natural gas, coal and gold. The main reason for its economic development is the export of valuable natural resources.
China : China is rich in coal, wood and various metals. This country supplies these resources to different parts of the world.
Iraq : Iraq is considered to be 9% of the world's oil depositor. Apart from oil, this country is also rich in phosphate rock.
Venezuela : This country is rich in natural resources like natural gas, iron and oil. When it comes to oil reserves, it comes to the sixth place around the world. It exports oil to many countries around the world.
Saudi Arabia : It is considered to be the fifth largest natural gas reserves in the world. Wood is found in abundance in Saudi Arabia.
United States : When it comes to the availability of natural resources, the United States comes in second place. It is known for its coal, natural gas, oil reserves, gold and copper.
Canada : When it comes to the availability of natural resources, Canada comes in number four. It is known for its oil reserves. It supplies oil to various countries around the world. This country is also known for the production of uranium, phosphate and natural gas and wood.
Brazil : Brazil is the world's second largest iron producing country. It provides good wood supply to various countries around the world. Apart from this, this country is also known for brill uranium and gold reserves.
Different types of fruits and vegetables are grown in different areas and they are exported to other places. Similarly, if all types of animals are not available everywhere, they are also exported in the same way. These countries also produce raw material and thus exchange with other countries.

Impact of unbalanced distribution of natural resources

This untimely distribution of natural resources provides a way for international businesses to promote businesses and to claim the economic development of different countries around the world, in which countries consume more quantities of oil, natural gas, minerals and other natural resources He is starting to play power with them, unlike those who lack these resources. Due to these reasons, the rich and the rich and the poor and the poor are becoming very poor.


Natural resources are very important for us, without the existence of these resources, our lives on Earth are not possible and humans are using it without any control, they do not realize the fact that most of these resources are non-renewable and their renewal It takes thousands of years to do. We should use natural resources wisely and avoid them in any way so that our future generation can also enjoy them.


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Thanks for the break down. One thing that we all have access to is salt water. A very rich resource that packs a number of sub resources. Water-consisting of oxygen20180528whitelieliving.jpg and hydrogen, salt for sustaining life, the weight of the water itself creates energy. It will be interesting to see who in the world will start combining all of these sub components into a mega energy source. As I say, I do not lease the sun-it provides duty free

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