Under the ice in Antarctica there is a whole mountain range!

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A continent wrapped in mysteries. But not big in size. It is estimated that twice in Australia. Name, Antarctica Most of which are covered with ice sheet. What is under the sheets? On the basis of recent discoveries, a team of researchers said that the entire mountain range in the West Antarctica is under the vast iceberg. As if the queens are full of rumors The three valleys, spreading hundreds of miles, are covered in them. A report on this search has been published in Geophysical Research Letters.

How long this hiding is going on? Scientists are searching ice-search for answers to many questions. Photographs are taking a lot of artificial satellites There are pictures of what is in the depths of the soil, its picture is also caught. But almost all of them are soaking the earth in such a way that the parts of the South Pole have not been captured so long that they are in the camera or Raiders. So scientists wanted to create a new map of this continent with the help of special raiders that could cross the ice. And the curtain rises in the screen.

The findings of the researchers, called 'Polar Gap', have been found in the West Valley, which covers the glaciers of West and East Antarctica, and these three valleys have been added. But there is a problem in it. Scientists say that the ice may reach the sea level due to the hills and valleys soon. The researchers also gave the explanation. They say that ice is melting throughout the world in warming. There is no exception, the ice sheet in Antarctica too. The melting of the ice melts is spreading in the normal way. But here lies the conflict, the mountains and the Valley hidden in the bottom three. The ice melts quickly towards the edge of Antarctica from the middle part. And for this reason, they are afraid that the ocean water tank will increase further in the coming days.

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