New "Tiny" Galaxy Discovered

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So, it seems that scientists have discovered another galaxy that orbits our own, the Milky Way galaxy. Ironically, our own galaxy, in the grand scheme of the universe, is a rather pip squeak of a thing, measuring only 100,000 light years across.

No word yet on how big this new galaxy, called "Segway I", is, but apparently they are calling it tiny. Tiny at least when compared to the galaxy, the Milky Way, it orbits. Segway I is believed to orbit the Milky Way once every 600 million years.

Now, I understand that when your job is to search the skies and discover new things in our universe, it is easy to be underwhelmed by such things. I mean, anything that measures less than say, 1,000 light years across, can seem tiny. However, an entire galaxy that orbits our own, like the Moon orbits the Earth, is pretty substantial... and VERY cool!

At least to me. But then again, I'm not a jaded scientist who studies the wonders of the universe each and every day.

Amaze Lab put together a quick video to explain this new discovery, which you can watch HERE

Story source and more information: MSN/Amaze Lab

Image source: Amaze Lab video screen grab

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