Rogue Waves and the Bermuda Triangle

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So, after all of these years, it seems that the scientists have finally decided what makes the "Bermuda Triangle" so mysteriously deadly: waves. Rogue waves, more specifically. Which makes sense, if you think about it.

A rogue wave, also having terrifying names such as "killer waves", "monster waves" and "ZOMBIE waves", are waves that happen, seemingly spontaneously, out in deep waters. Generally, they are huge, unexpected and just seem to appear from nowhere. It is easy to see why and how strange and mystical superstitions could arise from such fertile ground. Especially when you involve sailors, a group of folks long known for their deep superstitions and fantastical beliefs. Maybe it's the salt air...seeps into their brains. Hmmm.

Anyway, since we are in an age of science (at least that's what my calendar says... sometimes it doesn't seem that way), we feel confident that if we can collect enough data, apply known rules and laws of physics and science, a cause and effect solution will present itself. And it has.

Apparently, because of the congregation of different flow patterns, the underwater geography and probably other things like lunar tides and such, it seems that the area known as the Bermuda Triangle is the perfect spot for these "rogue waves" to be created. It's not a personal thing Bermuda has against some ships, it's just that converging wave patterns, energy dissipation and tidal forces will come together, join forces in strength from time to time and get rowdy. If a ship happens to be in the area when a rouge wave party happens, well... Nature will have her way with it. She'll eat anything and everything that's in site, just like a drunken sailor will on a hangover.

In any case, it's nice to know that, again, science has an explanation that has terrified the superstitious and mystically centered mind for centuries. Rogue waves aren't any less scary, but at least we know that offering them virgin sacrifices won't help.

Next up: do they really call the Virgin Islands that for the reason I'm thinking?

Read more at my story source: Suman Varandani

Top image source: Pixabay

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