Something Weird Found on Mars

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Although NASA hasn't admitted to finding any "Martians" on Mars as of yet, they are finding other things of interest.

For example, they found water not long ago in ice form and even possibly underground liquid lakes. But recently, they found something very, VERY strange. So strange, NASA even decided to give it a name: “Pettegrove Point Foreign Object Debris” (PPFOD).

At first, they were unsure of what it was, being that it was so oddly shaped, a different color and seemed so out of place with the natural environment. Their worst fear was that it was a piece of the rover, that somehow it had been damaged and pieces of it were starting to fall off.

However, NASA says that they have now discovered what it is, by using a device called ChemCam RMI that sniffs out what things are by wafting their chemical aromas. After careful chemical analysis, they say the weird “Pettegrove Point Foreign Object Debris” (PPFOD) is nothing more than a rock. A weird, oddly shaped Martian rock. So, nothing to worry about or see here. We can all go about our day.

Yeah, I dunno. Seems a little too out of place and strangely shaped to be just a rock, if you ask me.

I zoomed in on the image and now have al alternate theory. I'm thinking it's a Martian sticky note someone put on the rover. If you zoom in close and know how to read Martian, I think it says

"Dear Earthlings, You screwed up your planet, but please leave ours alone. All the best, Zalzabee, Prime Factioneer of Antrorse Station.

Prove me wrong.

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Love the snark, but if Mars is their home planet, they made it into a greater mess than our own. It has become a mega fund site, tbh: .5% of the soil is perchlorates and despite what they showed you in The Martian, the howling winds of Mars are no more than a light breeze in strength even at hurricane speeds: Mars barely has an atmosphere at all. And there's barely enough carbon dioxide sequestered to raise the atmospheric pressure to the equivalent of 61,000 ft on earth...and there's not even remotely enough water for what's needed.

Nope. They screwed up their own planet a million times worse than we have on Earth.