The SteemSTEM Status Report Dec 21 - Jan 17

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The steemSTEM project in a nutshell

Just about two months ago, we have decided to relaunch the steemSTEM initiative. To sum up a long story, the steemSTEM project is a community-supported project aiming to increase the quality and the visibility of STEM (STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) articles on Steemit.

The Monthly Status Report

The steemSTEM crew has continued to promote quality STEM content posted on Steemit with upvotes, comments and resteems via the @steemstem account. Moreover, an extra bonus reward in Steem Power has been provided directly to all of the the creators of well written, informative and correctly referenced STEM articles chosen for promotion by this project.

Do not therefore hesitate to follow the @steemstem account for being kept up-to-date of good STEM Steemit articles! We try to guarantee at least 5 good posts a week!

We show below the list of posts that we have resteemed and granted a 10SP reward to their author during the last 28 days. Through those rewards we have directly redistributed a total of 240 SP to the community (Also note that no members of the steemSTEM team have received compensation from this project, helping the community grow is it's own reward).

The list also illustrates the diversity of topics that have attracted the team's attention. We strive with this to promote all types of authors unknown and well known, big and small. Additionally no topic is off limits for promotion so long as it is STEM related!

It has been a real pleasure to encourage following those authors who work so hard to create great STEM content on Steemit.

The List of SteemSTEM-Acknowledged Authors Over The Past Month

@thecryptofiendPregnancy Brain: Pregnancy May Lead To Long Lasting Changes in Brain Structure
@cmp2020TIL of a Unique Species of Worm that Can Only Surive in Cold Temperatures
@dailybitcoinnewsTIL: Japanese Monkey's Ride Deer Like Horses
@mynameisbrianGlobal Sea Ice Area - This chart should worry you...
@tfeldmanEducating Steem: The Complications of Obesity
@wakeupndMessing with genes could WIPE OUT geniuses from the earth
@cebymasterThe most significant scientific breakthroughs of 2016
@giantbearTil that Albert Einstein truly had the greatest mind of all time - part 2
@virA second look at BPA
@sirwinchesterEven More Tired After A Long Night's Sleep ?! Why TOO Much Sleep Isn't Healthy Either!
@williambanksWeird Science! : A hairy situation?
@rossenpavlovColored Water Droplets Come To "Life"
@vortacGridcoin GPU mining (5): Looking at the Sky
@virImmunotherapy is the Future of Cancer Treatment
@giantbearTIL what causes our hair to turn white or grey when we get older
@the-futureNASA mission to an iron and nickel asteroid
@busserControlled ecological life-support systems for space exploration
@norbuNASA Has Finished Its Replacement For Hubble, The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), Capable Of Seeing A Bee On The Moon!
@alcibiadesTIL - Why Do We Divide Days into Hours, Minutes and Seconds
@alexbeymanNew Antarctic Stations: Living and Working on the Last Unsettled Continent!
@sykochicaArtificial Intelligence - Part 2: Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Consciousness
@surfermarly'Creative brains' - Why (new) businesses spend a fortune on creativity

Please consider following these great content creators, let us work together to promote sort of quality content that will both help steemit grow strong and keep our minds growing as well.

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I really appreciate @steemstem sharing my science posts. The quality of the articles you share is great. I hope this project continues to grow.

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Thanks for the update:)

It´s such an honor! Thanks for having me, you made me smile today ;)

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