How big is the universe? Part-1

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The Universe is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy.



It's maybe difficult to our brains for comprehend. But That hasn't stopped astronomers endeavoring to measuring the distance to the stars one technique is to use a phenomenon called parallax.

Everybody can experience the parallax if your hold your thumb up and close your eye, you can see that your thumb up appears to be in a certain position relative to something behind your thumb but then if you open that eye and close the other eye you'll see your thumb up appears to move relative to object behind. Same things happen when we look at the stars. When we look at a relatively nearby star from the earth. It appears in a certain position relative to the other background stars. Six month later when earth is on the opposite side of the sun the same star will appear in different position relative to the background like opening and closing eye then the other. The star appear to move and by measuring this apparent movement we can calculate the true position of the star. The star alternative method of measurement is to use certain stars in the sky known as standard candles we know exactly how brightly they shine if we there for measure how bright they appear to us on earth. We can calculate how far they are.



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Interesting thought provoking post!
Only problem is the fatherest stars we see are millions of light years away, we are seeing them where they were when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the closer ones when Jesus walked.
I'm not sure the universe is measurable. I am of the belief that our's is not the only one, I think there may be an infinite number of universes. Multiverse. The cosmos that holds these universes may be of an infinite number as well. It may be that there is ever increasing systems....Isn't it strange how sub atomic particles are depicted as little universes? Which are basically nothing but energy, but they make up all the matter.
Could our universe be one of the building blocks of a bigger system. I think so. Atoms, solar systems, universes....the next too large to see or even comprehend. Everything revolving in a circular manor.
They say the earth is traveling at such and such speed, but relative to what? Relative to another sun in another universe, perhaps beyond the speed of light, so we don't even see it since it's moving away faster than the light can reach us..


Or, it may be more of an inside out orb, if we reached the edge we would reemerge on the other side.

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