Is it too late to save human life (as we know it)? A different kind of simulation

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Free thinking again, continuing with thoughts of the great filter and the human species existence.

Identifying the great filter and if we have passed it.

I am assuming these are true

  • You have to leave your home world to survive as a species or be killed by your planet and or your species inability to adapt fast enough to its man made changes (up and out Willy Wonka style)
  • Distance to new worlds that can sustain our type of life is growing greater by the second as the universe expands endlessly
  • If time is relative and gravity impacts our perception of time relative to moving objects and we can go no faster than the speed of light…

Wouldn’t gravity then be the greatest filter?

A great short video on the topic here

As the planets population matures into the technology ages, it is believed that the birthrate is going to level off / decrease stabilizing the population. With the level of pollution and damage to the earth that we have already caused coupled with our incessant infighting as a society, it might just be too late for us to escape and survive as a species.

We need time to survive and develop further, but time is relative, and ultimately if we are to survive we will likely have to leave this planet making gravity our greatest obstacle or “Filter” at our current stage of evolution. Even if/when we are able to leave our solar system we are still subject to the time it would take us to reach an inhabitable planet which is in fact relative to that planet and its position in the cosmos. This means that based off the gravity on the planet we are headed to and its time relative to ours, by the time we reach that planet it too may already be destroyed or uninhabitable, or worse, full of life ready to eat us.

We would need to be able to launch hundreds of thousands of “seed ships” with destinations of other planets in order to have the chance that one of them would arrive and be able to meet all of the criteria to continue human life on the new world. As I mentioned in this post I think we as a species might have already participated in this exact exodus from another planet / civilization which landed us here on Earth.


If this is the case, essentially we are in an organic simulation (opposed to a digital simulation), starting at the same point on every planet repeating the same or similar advancements and mistakes until we reach the point where our only means of survival is to send the seed of human life on path to thousands of identified new host planets. While the filter of gravity has yet to kill us off, unless we take up the mantle of the 6th version of Neo and find a new way to change, we may never get beyond it.


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