Shampoo vs Shower Gel

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Is there really any difference between shampoo and shower gel or is it just the same stuff marketed in different ways?

 I am sure many of you may have though about it in the past but never went through to look for an answer.

Well, today I am gonna give you the answer to that question. 

Shampoo and shower gel are the two main products of personal care. However, many consumers (most of them are men) tend to use only one of them for both hair and body wash. Because the form or texture of both shampoos and body gels are creams, many people don’t differentiate them and use either product no matter the purpose.

And yes, they may have many similarities as for the components inside both formulation but they are not the same. So, no it’s not a trick to fool you to buy 2 products instead of one. Hair cannot be cleansed well with body wash. Shampoos were created because hair became hard and damaged when cleansed with regular soap. On the other hand, body wash is an emulsion of water that contains ingredients such as moisturizer, fragrance, colorants etc. Plus, it’s pH-friendly to the skin (5–6.5). 

Therefore, next time you want to wash both hair and body with one soap you better think twice.  

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I always use shampoo


I guess you mean only for your hair

That is interesting to know I always doubted mens 2 in 1 shower gels.


I guess now you know the truth!

Well, I never thought about it before but now I am... Thanks...


As you said..NOW YOU KNOW ;)

Thank you for this information. I have to admit, I do sometimes use the wrong products but only because I am lazy and not to often :D


I hate to admit it but i do the same thing some times :P

How about Nivea all in one ? that one is for face, hair and body . LOL


I need to see the secret formula :P

Thanks for sharing this! Thank goodness my husband uses shampoo for his hair and bar soap for his body. This is really good to know though. 👍🏽


Show your husband this post in case he ever seems to change his mind :P


Good idea!!


Nice job. I have to use sulfate free shampoos for my curly hair to keep it happy. Actually, I don't even use shampoo on it. I just "wash" it with conditioner. It does make sense that they have different things in them for their different purposes. I'm glad you've answered this for questioning minds.


Thanks a lot, @apanamamama . I had been wondering for years for this subject.I thought it was time to learn the truth about personal care.

  ·  3년 전

You reminded me years ago my wife bought me a shampoo and hair conditioner to "improve the health of my hair".

We later found out the conditioner was actually also a shampoo, so I have been washing my hair with two different brands of shampoo everyday for a month!


hahaha really?how did you react when you found out?

Oh no! What about Johnsons Baby Top to Toe wash? They say it's for the hair and body and suitable for babies!


I guess it may work for babies as they don't have to much hair.Still,I would look the label behind to see the consistency

I've always thought that soap would be too harsh to be used on hair... looks like I was right!!

Thanks for sharing :-)


That's what I was thinking too,so I thought why not research it!Now we both know :)