To celebrate the upcoming scorumbet we are giving away 5000 SCR!!!!

4년 전

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After that @acelad decided to also create on account on Scorum, all 5 founders of the SBC community are also on Scorum. If you don't know Scorum yet, Scorum is a steem like site where the focus mostly lies on sports blogging!
But it is more, they have fantasy games within the planning but which allures us most is that they also are planning a betting exchange. An exchange with 0% commission!
How can you not look forward to this as a sport betting community.
And the launch of this betting exchange is coming closer with the day! At the moment Scorum is in the final phase of testing this betting exchange, called Scorumbet!

You can find us on scorum with the following links:


As a Sport betting Community we really are looking forward to it! We are even so exited that we will host the biggest competition so far on Scorum.
A contest/competition with a total prize pool of 5000 ScorumCoins. That's more than 600 euro with the current value of SCR, but will be of course much more if Scorum can pull it off!
You can read our announcement about the contest here:

So, if you are not on Scorum yet, it is time to make an account! We can support you much more on Scorum than on Steem!

SBC Financial report

Last week we did have 103.782 Own SP. At the moment of writing this post we have 109.684 own SP.
Each week we are growing a little bit!
What also is important that we already have 50% of the prize pool for next months SBC league. We do have more than 9 liquid Steem. At the end of the moment, everything above 9 steem will be converted into Steem Power, so that we can support you even more on steem!

We earned also 3.575 Steem Power as curation reward last week. While it still is a small whitelisted upvote bot, we are doing everything we can to increase the power we have!


The SBC Crew

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It's a bummer I couldn't keep up posting the fantasy posts on Scorum, life is so busy nowadays. :)

Good luck with the contest!


We all have to make choices! We also do find it hard to choice between Steem and Scorum. But we are with 5, so for the moment no sacrifices have to be made.
Thanks for the resteem!
The SBC Crew


Thanks for the resteem @acidyo
Know that we are there for you on Scorum. Just let us know if you made a post and we will get it to Trending and Hot.

Good stuff, guys! I've been busy with moving country and haven't posted on Scorum for a while. Looking forward to the betting exchange!

I hope I can follow all the steps needed to participate, I can only wait to start making my SBC predictions based on ScorumBet odds.

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